It’s all in the Details: Ultra Fabric Protection

March 23, 2016

No matter what the fabric was when your vehicle was manufactured, we can clean it. Not only can we clean it, but thanks to products such as our Ultra Fabric Protection, we can keep that interior protected. Our interior detailing process features various components that help to create the Inner Guard Plus package, the ultimate in vehicle interior protection. Our Ultra Fabric Protection is just one of the powerful products included in our Inner Guard plus package. Let’s break it down for ya!

Prevention is Cure –

Think of our Ultra Fabric Protection as an invisible shield defending your vehicle’s interior from the things that wish to harm it. Dirt, grease, stains, salt, mud, you name it, our fabric protection fights it. Even more incredibly, it fights against those unpleasant intrusions without you ever realizing it’s there. The color, feel or texture of the fabric in your vehicle won’t be affected in any way either. This means you get all the benefits of having that invisible shield at no cost towards the comfort and enjoyment of driving in your vehicle.

Taking your vehicle in for a detailed cleaning removes those nasty stains from your interior, but only at Ziebart will you be able to prevent those stains from ever happening in the first place. Removing dirt, mud, grease and salt from your carpets is one thing, but those stains that hit your seating are another. Whether it be coffee or Coca-Cola, stains are different because they are preventable. No one chooses to spill and stain their interior. We have little choice when it comes to whatever our shoes or boots drag into the vehicle, but stains are avertible. Thanks to the invisible shield covering your interior from our Ultra Fabric Protection, stains can be avoided. Those stains will no longer be able to penetrate your vehicle’s interior and leave their mark. It sounds too good to be true!

Not only will your vehicle be protected, but that protection will be guaranteed thanks to our industry-leading warranty. Routine maintenance on your vehicle’s interior and our fabric protection can have your vehicle looking great for as long as you own it.

Trust the experts. There is a reason we have been the industry leader in automotive appearance and protection services since 1957. We work continuously on improving our proprietary tools and detailing methods to ensure our customers receive the best possible cleaning available. See for yourself!


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