Two Reasons to Tint

March 09, 2016

Out of the many benefits to having window tint, the two that are the most obvious are that unique style and protection from harmful UV rays. Style adds a personal touch to your vehicle while the protection from UV rays adds a certain level of protection. Both make for great reasons to finally get that window tint you’ve been wanting to get.

Looking Great –

Adding window tint to your ride means adding a new level of customization. Whichever style you choose, you’ve added a unique look that fits you and your ride. Even more important than picking that particular type of window tint, is the application of the window tint itself. Trust your vehicle to the experts at Ziebart and forget about those nasty swirls and terrible looking bubbles that come from inexperienced shops. Our Z-Cutting system is designed to meet the exact specifications of your car for that precise cut on each window.

With style comes privacy as well. Depending on the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of the window tint applied to your vehicle, stopping at red lights and trying to ignore the person staring at you from the other car is now just a thing of the past. Not only will you not have to worry about that awkwardness, but personal items inside your vehicle will be hard to see as well.

Whenever we discuss window tint, we make it a point to clarify what exactly VLT is. It’s important to remember that the VLT of window tint is the percentage of visible light entering the car. For instance, if you were to get window tint applied and the VLT of that tint was at 90%, only 90% of any visible light would be entering your vehicle. For comparison, the window tint limousines use, which is extremely dark and very private, is at 5% VLT. The higher the VLT, the lighter the window tint.

Feeling Great –

Along with that style, comes comfort and protection. By blocking out Infrared (IR) and 99.9% of harmful Ultra-violet (UV) rays, window tint offers protection not only for your vehicle, but for yourself and your passengers as well.

Solar heat in your vehicle is brought on thanks to IR. Referring back to our school days, IR sits higher on the Electro Magnetic Spectrum compared to UV rays which means an increase of energy and wavelength. What this means for your vehicle and window tint is simple. Adding window tint cools your interior by reducing the amount of IR allowed inside of your vehicle, ultimately reducing the solar energy trapped inside your ride at any given point. It is important to note that the amount of IR reduction is based on the quality of window tint applied. While adding style can have you looking cool, staying cool is just as great of a benefit.

UVA and UVB rays brought on by the sun can damage your body leading to various types of skin cancers. If you aren’t interested in a dark shade of window tint, even a clear window film can help keep you and passengers safe from the damages brought on by the sun. Those UV rays can also damage the interior of your vehicle as well. Leather interiors are more susceptible to cracking and discoloring. If you have a vehicle with leather seating, we recommend having window tint applied as well as our leather seat conditioner. Typically, your vehicle is your second largest investment. Protect your investment!

Whether it’s for style or for protection, window tint offers great benefits to your vehicle. Our experienced technicians and specialized tools produce only high quality window tint. Trust the experts! It’s time to tint!


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