What is Rust Doing to my Vehicle?

February 03, 2016

We recently explained the science behind what road salt is doing to your vehicle. For a refresher, road salt aids in the rusting process and allows for moisture to collect on the metal found in our cars year round. Okay, so now that your vehicle has been subjected to rust, what exactly is that rust doing to your vehicle? Let’s explain it for ya!

What You Need to Know –

Rust effects metal in a number of ways, especially iron. The appearance of a rusted iron is typically orange and flaky. The process of changing that metal into that orange matter weakens the metal considerably. We mention iron because that is the metal used most often in vehicle production. During vehicle production, iron is molded to fit the specifications of a particular vehicle’s model. The strength of the metal used depends on its function for the vehicle. For instance, the iron used in suspension struts and coil springs is thinner than the car’s frame, meaning they aren’t as strong. The amount of time needed for rust to deteriorate iron completely is based on the strength of the metal.

Your vehicle’s suspension struts and coil springs can literally disintegrate when exposed to rust. Given enough time, the metal weakens to the point of failure. Because the metals used to make these parts are not as thick or condensed as other parts of your vehicle, they are often the first to fail. The metal used in parts of your vehicle such as the car frame is a thicker build, but it still vulnerable to rust. Without a proper seal to keep moisture out, the metal in your frame will weaken as well. Our professionals know which parts of your vehicle need to be sprayed to fight off the rust and which parts of your vehicle absolutely cannot be sprayed. Taking into account the amount of money we typically spend to keep our vehicles running, a Genuine Ziebart Rust Protection package could help save you money and keep you away from buying replacement parts for your vehicle. If you’re driving around in a new vehicle and are concerned with persevering the value, you know where to go. Don’t wait for the rust to build and then decide you are going to protect your asset. Act before the rust has the chance to damage your ride.

The structural integrity of your vehicle is obviously a huge part of preserving your vehicle. Keeping the metal underneath your vehicle sealed and protected from rust is extremely important, but there are other parts of your vehicle that rust can ruin as well. Your vehicle doors, bumpers, fenders, side panels, etc. are all susceptible to the damages brought on by rust. The rust looks terrible, depreciates the value of your vehicle, and will eventually corrode the body of your vehicle into nonexistence. There are measures to remove parts of your vehicle to stop the rust, but this is a time consuming and costly affair. Treating your vehicle with rust protection takes one day a year and lasts forever. Which sounds easier to you?

Stop rust before it begins. Bring your vehicle into your Local Ziebart or click the link below to get started!


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