It’s Not Just a Car Wash

January 14, 2016

Let’s take a moment to reflect on something. Remember hand washing your mom or dad’s car as a kid? Maybe you did it as a service and made a little money off it, but you had your bucket, soap, sponge, water and a whole bunch of elbow grease. If you did a good job, you got into all the nooks and hidden spots on vehicles where dirt and salt collects because you were hand washing the vehicles. If you did a bad job, you probably just held out a hose that was turned on and told people to drive through it. (Sorry if you’re just now realizing people weren’t lining up for you to wash their vehicles when you were a kid.) Now imagine, if you could, that you’re the industry leader in aftermarket automotive protection and detailing services and you’ve made it your goal to ensure every vehicle you wash is done with professional and expert care. We’d imagine you would take the hands-on approach to cleaning vehicles instead of taking the automated, drive-through-and-pray-that-every-spot-is-cleaned approach. If you’re like Ziebart, you go with the first option.

Car Washes are Washed Up -

One thing we would like to mention, which has held true for many years, is that you get what you pay for. Understandably, the car wash is sometimes only $3 for a scrub and that can be very tempting. However, when you’re hoping that the vehicle ahead of you doesn’t leave the remnants of whatever was just scrubbed off their vehicle in the brushes that are being used to scrub your car, it might be time to reconsider your options. Oh, and there’s that little thing of when the water that was just used to clean off the salt and dirt from cars ahead of you is reused to clean off your vehicle too. Awesome! You would be better off washing your car by throwing a bucket of soap water on it and calling it good. Actually, you’d be a lot better off throwing water on your vehicle because then you wouldn’t be scratching or leaving swirl marks in your vehicle’s paint, much like that of an automatic car wash. The only true car wash is a hand wash. If you do it yourself, more power to ya, but just know we have special proprietary tools that make sure the job gets done right and gets done in a timely manner.

We like to think of automatic car washes as more of a spray-and-pray facility. There is no attention to the specifics of your vehicle, so really they just hope to clean off whatever they can and get you on your way. At Ziebart, our professionals know the ins and outs of your vehicle, they know which parts of your vehicle are difficult to get at, but still need cleaning. We don’t use high powered, automatic machines that could potentially damage your vehicle, we do all our work by hand. If you love your ride, trust it to the experts!

If you’ve never had your vehicle detailed professionally, treat yourself! We know our attention to detail will have you wondering why you never had your vehicle professionally cleaned before.

 See the difference for yourself and try out our exterior detailing process! 


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