A New Year, a Newer Looking Ride

January 06, 2016

Whenever a new year rolls around, we always look back on what happened before moving forward. There may have been some mistakes along the way, but, if there is no struggle, there is no progress. We live and we learn. However, some of those mistakes can show themselves in the new year as well. We are of course referring to the calamities found in and around your vehicle. Remember the rains in May and you rushing to get into your car with muddy boots? Your carpet remembers. That one time you forgot to clean your golf spikes after playing 18 holes because you were in a hurry? Your trunk remembers. Or the time you were heading over for Thanksgiving dinner and you took that turn too quickly and your dish happened to spill? Your backseat remembers. How about all those bugs you hit on your way to that Thanksgiving dinner? Your vehicle paint remembers. Oh, and all that awesome road salt?! Your vehicle paint remembers that too. Let’s take a look into what we can do to remedy all these messes.

Interior Detailing –

Ziebart is the perfect stain lifting, smell deodorizing, germ killing, bacteria fighting, carpet cleaning, leather restoring, fabric protecting, Thanksgiving-dish-that-accidentally-spilled-in-the-backseat-removing machine. If you’re looking to remove stains that have been there since the beginning of 2015, and maybe even before that, we’re your go-to. Our interior detailing services will have you feeling like you just purchased a new vehicle. Restore your ride to what you remember it being when you first purchased it by trusting it to your local Ziebart professional.

Exterior Detailing –

Our exterior detailing services are more than just washing your vehicle. If it were simply a car wash, we would probably have to rename this particular service. However, the name holds true because it is just that, a detailed cleaning. We’re talking any kind of chrome on your ride, the wheels, trim, tires, glass and more. There is no substitute for a hand washed car. The attention to detail along with our specialty tools allows us to do what no car wash can.

Paint Protection –

Now, the only thing better than driving around in a clean car would be to never have a dirty car in the first place. Services like our Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection and Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film are both great ways to gain the upper-hand on dirt, salt, bugs, sand, mud, whatever the car in front of you just kicked up, and anything else you can think of. Don’t believe us? Believe the industry leading warranty on our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film and service guarantee on our Diamond Gloss. Both services work to keep your vehicle protected from whatever the road can throw at it.

In a year from now, what will be your reaction when you look back on 2016? What will your reaction be when you look back at the backseat of your car? With Ziebart, we know one of those reactions will be a good one.

Trust your vehicle to the experts and request an estimate today! 

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