Remote Car Starters: The Added Benefits of Pressing that Button

December 08, 2015

We’re all aware of what remote car starters do. Press the button, wait several minutes and the engine is warmed up and ready to go. Awesome! What does that really entail? What exactly are you getting when you have a remote starter installed in your vehicle? We break it down for you and highlight some benefits you may not be aware of as well as provide insight into why it’s important to have a remote car starter

Safety –

Remember all those times you had to wait inside your vehicle for the windshields and windows to clear from the frost? Ever leave your driveway before the heat could warm up all the windows? If you’re guilty of this, that is an accident waiting to happen. Safety should be the #1 priority when we take to the roads. Warming up your car and letting the frost melt so that your vision isn’t compromised is a great way to ensure your safety.

Engine Care –

The viscosity of your motor oil is the ability in which it flows. The more viscous a fluid, the heavier the consistency. Take for instance, a jar of molasses or syrup. When cold, molasses and syrup have a thicker consistency or are more viscous. When we warm up those sweet syrups, we see the extreme difference in pour. Now apply that principle to your vehicle. When you park your vehicle in the driveway and turn in for the night, the oil that was lubricating those crucial components of your vehicle falls back into the oil pan. Now imagine the overnight temperature was 32 degrees or lower. The viscosity of your oil becomes thicker and needs time to warm up before being used to lubricate a motor. If not, you are essentially running a motor that has not had enough time to be properly lubricated. With a remote starter, you simply press one button in the morning and don’t have to worry about damaging some of the important moving bits in your engine.

Comfort –

Keeping warm in the winter is imperative. We all know that setting the heat in your car and then warming it up creates a comfortable ride to and from work. But, for whatever reason, a majority of people assume car starters are only for winter. This is definitely not true. When the summer heat is blaring and you’re not looking forward to a sweaty ride home from work or those blazing hot seat-belts burning your hands, simply set your air conditioning and start your car remotely. This is especially true for those of you that have leather interiors! Just like warming up your car, if you set the temperature controls to be cool, your car will be cool in the summer. We just wanted to let you know that it goes both ways!

Security – 

Another incorrect assumption we hear about is loss of security. People are under the impression that having a remote starter will make the car more susceptible to motor vehicle theft; this is false. Actually, it makes the car more difficult to steal. Whenever we use our remote starters to start our car, the doors will lock automatically. An added feature on some remote starters is having the car alarm sound if someone tries to enter the vehicle while the engine is running. Also, the vehicle will automatically shut off if the proper key is not turned in the ignition once the brake pedal is pressed. Added security is a definite plus!

Aftermarket automotive appearance and protection services is what we do best. We’re the industry leader for a reason. So take your vehicle into your local Ziebart and have a professional work with you so that you can stay safe, take better care of your engine, stay comfortable, and add security to your vehicle!  


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