The Difference Between Undercoating and Rust Protection

November 18, 2015

The two best ways to protect your vehicle from the damages brought on by rust are undercoating and rust protection. Knowing the difference between the two types of rust proofing can play a huge part in determining which one is better suited for you. We take a deeper look into both packages and highlight their benefits. Check out the two different levels and get a better idea as to what each has to offer!

Level One – Undercoating

Think underbelly when you hear undercoating. Ziebart’s thick, abrasion-resistant seal is designed to adhere to the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle that you may not see every day. Undercoating effectively seals areas from the environment, abrasion, and harsh chemicals like road salt. With specialized tools and training, our skilled technicians have the ability and knowledge to seal all of the areas of your vehicle that need it and avoid all the areas that don’t. Our undercoating also helps reduce noises from the road. With yearly maintenance, you can have your underbelly sealed for years to come!

Level Two – Undercoating with Rust Protection

Take undercoating from level one and add rust protection into the mix. Genuine Ziebart rust protection includes undercoating as well as protection for those hidden areas that are more prone to rust. Doors, fenders, rocker panels, upper body panels, and tailgates can take away from your vehicle’s appearance if rusted. Protect those important areas with our Genuine Ziebart rust protection package! This package is the cornerstone of our business and comes with a national limited full repair warranty as well. For over 60 years, this package has kept cars and trucks rust free and looking great. We’ve seen vehicles from the 1960’s that have had our Genuine Ziebart rust protection service done and are still in incredible shape to this day! Our Genuine Ziebart rust protection is what we’re famous for!

Kurt Ziebart patented his rust protection process back in 1959 and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. How impressive is this formula? Take a look at this 1965 Ford Mustang. Looking at this vehicle from the outside, we see no rust on the doors, panels, and fenders. This is because our Genuine Ziebart rust protection formula has been sprayed on the inside of those doors, panels and fenders. Fighting the effects of road salt and moisture can be harrowing, but thanks to Genuine Ziebart rust protection this Mustang continues to look great after 50+ years of rust protection!

1965 Ford Mustang with rust protection
(1965 Ford Mustang with rust protection)

In summation, undercoating goes under the vehicle, rust protection goes inside the vehicle. Our rust protection package includes undercoating, but the undercoating package does not include rust protection. If you’re looking to increase the value of your vehicle, extend the longevity, add durability, eliminate the damages brought on by rust and ensure your ride is looking great at all times, contact your local Ziebart dealer today. Speak with a professional about these great benefits and they’ll tell you the same thing!

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