The ABZ’s of Undercoating

November 11, 2015

There is a reason as to why vehicles are painted. People typically assume it is just aesthetics, but those who know vehicles know it’s really about protection. That paint helps keep rust away and costly repairs at bay. So what about the areas of your vehicle that aren’t protected by paint? The undercarriage of your vehicle is the first line of defense between your vehicle and the road. Make sure it’s protected by the best technicians and product in the industry. Ziebart undercoating acts as a barrier to keep your vehicle protected and looking good!

First Line of Defense –

Our undercoating is a thick, abrasion-resistant spray that is designed to last. The black finish of our spray looks great, but the job it’s doing is even more impressive. Impervious to water, dirt, grime, salt and whatever else you can think of, undercoating insulates the areas of your vehicle that need it the most. Our expert technicians know where to spray and where not to spray, ensuring a professional touch that will not damage your vehicle. As an added bonus, our undercoating spray adds a certain level of noise reduction from the road. Not only will your vehicle drive quieter and be protected from rust year after year, but you’ll also be adding value to your vehicle. This is especially true for those who live in the northern part of the United States. Road salt is no friend to vehicles and it can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s underbelly. Imagine going to sell your car or truck and telling the potential buyer that your vehicle has been undercoated. It’s definitely an added bonus!


(Terrific look with even better protection!)

A Reputation for Success –

Now that you know the benefits of what our undercoating can do, it might be time to invest in its protection. Not to sound biased, but we at Ziebart do an incredible job in making sure your vehicle is safe from wear and corrosion. Maybe it’s because of the 50+ years in the rust protection game, maybe it’s because we actually invented the original rust-proofing formula, or maybe it’s that all of our technicians are trained through decades of professional experience. Whatever the reason, just know that with Ziebart you won’t have to worry about the abuse your vehicle’s undercarriage takes every day. Even better, you won’t have to worry about the abuse your undercoating is taking from protecting your undercarriage. Just come in for your yearly maintenance and we’ll make sure your truck or car is up to par!

If you’re looking to add protection and value to your vehicle, stop by your local Ziebart and have your ride undercoated. Take it from the professionals, cars still rust.

Don’t give rust the chance to ruin your ride!


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