Parking Lots: A Door Dinging Destination

September 09, 2015

No matter where you go today, if you’re driving, you’re going to have to park your car. Some of us retreat to the back of the lot or plan out a specific route to avoid the chaos. The more daring of us park closer to the entrance and roll the dice. It’s definitely more convenient to park closer to your desired destination, but the risk rolls higher the closer we get to the front door.

School is now in Session -

If you pick up your child or children from school every day, you know the risks involved. Meticulously navigating your way through hordes of minivans and SUVs to either get the spot closest to the school, or much like a bird of prey, swooping in, picking up your target and then immediately vacating. Some of us play it safe and have a predetermined destination that the kids know to walk to so that we can avoid the pandemonium. Good call! For the rest of us, it’s like playing a game of Minesweeper. One wrong move and the game is over. However lightly we tread or slowly we crawl through the masses, accidents still happen and those dings, scratches, scuffs and dents can leave your vehicle’s paint vulnerable.

Grocery Stores -

The make-a-mess of your car doors mecca. Take a little from the school parking situation and add shopping carts into the mix and you end up with an award winning recipe for the purest of door dinging destinations. In a perfect world, people would actually put their shopping carts back into the shopping cart returns and get on with their day. Unfortunately, the laws of the parking lot universe don’t allow for this. Instead, we’re blessed with runaway carts and carts left in parking spots. On top of that, sometimes the cart you’re using spontaneously goes rogue as you open the door to your vehicle and dings yours or someone else’s vehicle. It’s an anomaly experienced only at the grocery store parking lot. An inanimate object with no amount of inertia disobeys the laws of physics and bends all of space and time simply to ding a car door. We’ve all seen it happen and have been powerless to stop it. We react with an ‘oohhhh’ or an ‘ahh!’ then proceed to lick our thumbs and try to minimize the visual scar left by the predestined, imminent damage brought on by the seemingly possessed cart. However, no amount of thumb spit can remedy the scratches left on vehicle paint. Forgo the headache and protect your vehicle

Preserve your vehicle’s paint and save from having to spend on the damages brought on by the parking lot. It may seem like a minor issue, but those scratches, dings and scuffs can lead to rust. Contact a local Ziebart location today and protect the paint!

Park your car in a local Ziebart parking lot and let us protect your vehicle!


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