Newer Vehicles Still Rust

September 02, 2015

No matter the auto-manufacturer, the preferred metal of choice for making vehicles is still steel. Technology is an amazing thing and there have been incredible advancements made in the auto-industry since Ziebart began in 1959. All of these new features make it easier for the drivers, but do not impact the base materials used to construct your vehicle. There is still steel in your frame and steel still rusts.

Galvanized Steel –

The much heralded hero that is sure to defeat rust and prevent your vehicle from nature’s wrath is finally here, right? Think again. Let’s start by describing what galvanized steel is. Galvanized steel consists of prefabricated sheets of steel that have been coated or submerged in zinc to prevent rust. It’s important to know that your car is not composed of flat sheets of steel only. If that were true, we'd all be driving around in giant boxes of metal. Instead, the steel must be bent, welded, drilled and fitted to the exact specifications of your vehicle’s blueprint or design. On average, a vehicle will have 2,500 spot welds during construction. Each one of those spot welds burns off the zinc that protects the steel. It is also important to know that steel is comprised mainly of iron. Iron reacts easily with oxygen and moisture, creating rust, and will inevitably turn into nothing. When these sheets of galvanized steel are bent, welded, drilled or contorted to fit those specifications, the steel becomes stretched or worn, ultimately leading to the iron in steel becoming vulnerable. This allows for the oxidization process to do what it does best; rust your vehicle. Protect your vehicle with the most experienced rust protection technicians on the planet. Ziebart was founded on rust protection and our foundation is strong.

It is also important to know that if you live in areas where snow hits the roads, the salt that helps to remove the ice from the road also removes the zinc from your vehicle’s galvanized steel frame. Sodium chloride dissolves zinc over time by converting the metal into zinc chloride. We'll make it clear just one more time, cars still rust!

Take your vehicle into the professionals who know more about rust than anyone. For over 56 years, Ziebart has made its mark by making sure your vehicle stays rust free. Trust the experts because even with all the impressive technological advancements in the auto-industry, cars still rust!

It’s still us or rust!


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