Added Benefits of our Automotive Films

August 25, 2015

Some things in life are a given. The sun will rise, the sun will set, and as sure as an egg, the Chicago Cubs will not win a World Series. Some things just don’t need to be explained. The same can be said for our automotive films. We all know that window tint film helps keep the sun’s harmful rays out of your vehicle and that our Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle from the hazards of the road. But are you aware of a couple hidden benefits our films have to offer?


If there is one thing we know, it’s rust protection. Rust protection is what started our business!  So it only makes sense that our newest product, Z-Shield Paint Protection Film, has its own unique rust proofing ability. Applying the film onto your vehicle assures that sand, stones, minor scratches, dings, dirt, bugs, etc. won't affect your vehicle’s appearance. Great! But did you know that applying that film also means that you are protecting your vehicle from the damages rust can bring? Putting an invisible barrier between your vehicle and the road also means putting a barrier between your vehicle and rust. Surface scratches that ruin paint jobs also bring rust into the picture. Automotive paints can be pretty, but the paint on your vehicle is more practical than we give it credit for. That paint is the barrier between the steel in your car and the water that wants to damage it. Add an extra layer of defense to your vehicle and have your car or truck protected by our Z-Shield. Rust protection is definitely a terrific added bonus!

Window Film –

This one is definitely a not-so-well-known benefit; stopping glass from bursting. Accidents happen. As best as we try to avoid them, car accidents are an everyday occurrence. We always hope the severity of these accidents is limited, but if a serious accident were to occur that led to glass bursting inside the vehicle, window film can protect you and your passengers from the dangers of glass shattering upon impact.

Aside from car accidents, window film can prevent glass shattering from objects that would typically destroy your windows. One unfortunate customer of ours had a golf ball strike his rear window and actually thanked us because he was still able to make the trip home! No worries, we had the window tint replaced on his car after he had new glass put in! While not a serious incident, the picture still shows the strength and resiliency that our window film is capable of.


We hope to have brought to your attention some added perks of protecting your vehicle with automotive films. Automotive films can add great protection to your vehicle and do more than you think they're capable of. Going above and beyond is nothing new to us at Ziebart and our automotive films are proof of that!

Add these benefits to your car or truck today!


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