Window Tint Guidelines and Regulations 101

August 12, 2015

If you don't have your vehicle’s windows tinted already, more than likely you're giving it some serious thought. Hot summer days mean hot vehicle interiors and window tint can help reduce the temperature inside your car or truck. Before you make your move to your local Ziebart, make sure you know what your local regulations are. A Ziebart professional would be more than happy to discuss what can be done within the confines of the law, but it’s always good to be in the know!

Lesson 1

Visible Light Transmission or VLT. If you ever hear a professional installer talk window tint, more than likely the acronym VLT is going to come up in the conversation. VLT is the percentage of visible light that passes through a window or material. For instance, a window tint of 35% means that only 35% of visible light is entering your vehicle. Many people assume that 35% VLT means that 35% of light is what’s being blocked out. This is false. For a rule of thumb, just remember that the lower the VLT percentage, the darker your window tint is going to be.

Lesson 2

It is important to know that our vehicle’s windows come with a factory tint already applied. Inadvertently going over your local jurisdiction’s VLT limit could end up in fines. This happens when a window tint is applied to your vehicle along with the factory tint and the combination of both exceed the local limit. The VLT percentage varies from factory to factory and car to car, so make sure to speak with an expert before getting your windows tinted!

Lesson 3

This is a brief lesson. If you're looking for the particulars when it comes to your local laws, click the link included. It is a link directed to the AAA driving laws website and serves as a great index for what exactly can be done to your vehicle depending on where you live.

Lesson 4

Trust your vehicle with the experts. Ziebart should be your number one choice in professional window tint application because frankly, no one does it better. We're the largest window tint installer in the country and have been for over 20 years. No bubbles, no peeling, no swirls, no cracks, just perfectly applied window tint, every time. Make sure your vehicle gets the best treatment possible!

Thus concludes this lesson. We hope to have enlightened you and made you aware of things you had not known prior. We also hope that you trust your vehicle to the experts in window film; Ziebart!

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