Protecting Your Vehicle from the Summer Heat

August 06, 2015

Just because school is starting back up doesn’t mean the summer heat is going away anytime soon. We're all too familiar with opening our vehicle door and stepping into the proverbial ‘hotter than a sauna in the summertime’ situation emitting from inside your vehicle. Not only is that heat doing damage to the interior of your ride, it can also be doing a number on other necessary components. Check out the following tips on how to help protect your vehicle from the summer heat.

Gasoline -

This is a simple one. Gasoline = Fluid; Fluid + Heat = Evaporation therefore Gas + Heat = Evaporation. Yup, even in your tank! Park in shady spots or make room in the garage to try and keep the gas in your tank.

Car Batteries -

Time to look for shade again. Parking in the summer sun can heat up that battery and cause it to have a shortened life. Keep a set of jumper cables in your vehicle at all times and if your battery is over two years old, get it tested!

Tires -

No, your tires aren't going to melt to the pavement any time soon, so don't fret. Just make sure you are checking your tire pressure often to reduce the chance of having one of your tires blow out unexpectedly while you’re driving. The higher the heat, the higher the chance of tire failure.

Interior -

If we've said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times ‘heat damages your vehicle’s interior.’ How you ask? That heat can crack leather, fade vinyl or have your cloth interior looking like it's seen better days. Window tint is your best chance at fighting against the brutal summer heat and fending off those harmful UV rays. If you can, find a shady spot to park and severely reduce the amount of heat being let into your vehicle.

Transmission -

A lot of us enjoy camping trips or vacations to places we have to drive to. That’s all well and good, but your transmission could run into some major difficulties if you're towing a camper, trailer or another vehicle. If you're using the family car or truck for your towing duties, just be careful with how hard you push the vehicle. Your transmission fluid heats up dramatically in the summer months compared to the cooler months. Take it easy!

Being aware of these potential disasters and how to prevent them can help with the longevity and ability of your vehicle. Enjoy your summer, and the heat, but just make sure you're doing what you can to preserve the state of your vehicle!

Summer tips are great, but having a professional protect your car is better! You're just one click away from getting in touch with a Ziebart expert!

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