What Exactly is Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film?

July 28, 2015

Let’s face it, we put impetus on a vehicle’s appearance when we determine its worth. We want our vehicles to look good and for good reason; value. Whether that value is being determined on a personal level or monetary level, we want our vehicles to shine. Auto-care isn’t just about changing the oil and putting on new brake pads. While vehicle maintenance is important to the longevity and equity of our vehicles, preserving and protecting our vehicle’s appearance is the first thing people notice about our rides. Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film will help keep your car or truck looking shiny and new. Get to know Z-Shield and the benefits of having an automotive film applied to your vehicle.

Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film -

Backed by an industry-leading warranty, our Z-Shield Paint Protection film is guaranteed to help protect your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas from a wide array of scratches and scrapes you may encounter.

Z-Shield Image

Optically clear, Z-Shield works wonders for your car or truck without ever being noticed. We use our own special custom Z-Cutting system that will match your vehicle’s exact specifications. That special custom fit, along with the fact that our film is optically clear, makes for a barely visible barrier between your vehicle and whatever the road has to throw at it. Stones, bugs, dirt, sand, and small scratches can have a negative impact on the value of our vehicle. Go on the defensive and put a shield between your vehicle and the road.

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. Not only are you keeping your car looking great when you have Z-Shield applied, you're increasing the equity of a major purchase and that is exactly what Z-Shield is all about.

You're just one click away from having your vehicle protected by our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film!


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