The Best Car Wash is a Hand Wash

July 22, 2015

Auto paint has come a long way since its days of being covered in lacquer with paste wax. Today’s vehicle paint shines brighter and lasts longer. With that, comes change in how we take care of our vehicles. A simple car wash isn't going to have the same effect as having your car cleaned professionally. Our professionals use a hands-on approach and utilize special machines that will have your vehicle looking incredible. They also have the knowledge on which cleaners and chemicals to use. That is the difference between shining in the sun and looking half done.

Step By Step

Exterior detailing is a process. People think that going to the local carwash leaves their car shiny and looking new, but really all that has been done is a gentle wash. It takes elbow grease if you really want your car to look new. Like most processes, proper steps are necessary in making sure the job is done correctly. For instance, our Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection is a six-step process that features everything from grease removal to clay paint correction to the removal of microscopic imperfections in the paint. Our professionals have their own unique detailing process that gets into all the spots you wouldn't ever think to clean. There’s a reason why we're so adamant that once we're done cleaning your car, you'll feel like it just left the lot.

Day by Day

Forget the allure of having your vehicle’s aesthetic value skyrocket because of our cleaning services for just a moment. We think too much about waxing and polishing when it comes to exterior detailing, and not enough about the gaudy looks left by scratches in the paint. Day in and day out our vehicles take a beating. The most noticeable offender being those surface scratches left in the paint of our vehicles. Our professionals have the tools and experience needed to fix those imperfections and bring the beauty back to your vehicle’s appearance. Not only can they fix those scratches, they can prevent any further damage brought on by applying our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film.

A fresh start is what you’ll get when you bring your vehicle into your local Ziebart. Since the local carwash just can’t cut it, take your car or truck in and let our professionals get their hands on it. Because the best car wash is a professional hand wash… hands down.

You're just one click away from having your vehicle professionally detailed!  


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