Summer Drivin’, Had Me a Blast!

July 15, 2015

Summer is a celebration of cars. Last week, we talked about how great road trips can be. Hitting the open road with some travel buddies and getting out to see new things that only the road has to offer can be an incredible experience. This week, we're going to discuss summer cruisin’. Whether it’s getting behind the wheel on a Friday or Saturday night and just cruising the streets, or actually attending a cruise, there are different ways for us cars lovers to quench our throttle thirst.

Just Go

Grab your favorite CD or put your favorite song list on your Ipod because it’s time to go for a ride. It’s sometimes inexplicable, that urge, but always satisfied. It’s just time to go. The wind in your hair, the fresh air, the freedom of the road, the ride itself, bikers know this feeling all too well. Sometimes, you just have to go. Those who are lucky enough, look forward to the summer months when they know they can put away the winter SUV and pull out the Mustang, Barracuda, Continental, Harley, Charger, Bonneville, Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro, GTO, or whatever car is special to them and just go.


Ziebart was founded in Michigan and everyone here knows about the Woodward Dream Cruise. The Motor City is best known for its contributions to the automotive industry and the Woodward Dream Cruise is a tribute to all beauty and innovation that was made here in Detroit. Every Michigander knows that the third Saturday in August is not just one day to admire automobiles old or new, but a weeklong celebration of a passion that many of us share.

If you have ever participated in, or attended a cruise, you know how spotless those cars are. Who would want to drive in a cruise with a dirty ride anyway? Your initial reaction upon seeing all these cars was probably how great they look. In no way could your vehicle ever look as clean as those cars at the cruise, right? Wrong. Take your car into your local Ziebart and have our professionals work on your vehicle. You’ll see firsthand how it’s possible to have that showroom quality shine coming off your car.

However you enjoy your summer, more than likely a vehicle will be involved somehow. Driving to a vacation spot, summer road trips, driving to visit friends and family, summer cruises, or just getting in your car and going, enjoy your summer and enjoy the road. Have fun, because driving is a passion, riding is a passion, and in the summer months, we cruise.

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