Bring in your 4th of July with a BANG!

June 24, 2015

June 21st marked the first day of summer and naturally, July is just around the corner. With July comes the always captivating, never disappointing, local fireworks show! (Check with your city or township for available shows in your area.) Go out and enjoy these overly impressive prepossessing presentations of pyrotechnics prowess. It’s free fun the whole family will love!

Getting to the Show!

If you do plan on attending a local fireworks show this summer, chances are you're going to be driving to your destination. There is also a good chance you'll be driving fellow attendees to the show as well. Whether they're your family members, neighbors, friends or significant others, make sure the interior of your vehicle is looking great and you'll be sure to impress your fellow compadres. Enjoy the show knowing everyone is enjoying your ride’s clean look!

Planning on getting there early?

If you've ever been to a fireworks show, you know they can be jam packed full of people like it was church on Easter Sunday. Getting there before the crowd arrives is a good idea and can make for a special night. It’s a good idea to park close to the event, pull out a blanket and throw it out onto the spot you wish to reserve. Boom, your spot is looking good for the night. Only problem is, you're there two hours before the show and it’s 87 degrees out with 100% humidity; yuck. Time to head back to the car and turn the A/C on! If your windows were tinted, you would also be blocking out 99.99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Keep cool before it’s time to go out and watch the show!

Helpful tips!

Although these fireworks shows may not last more than 30 minutes, you might be there for longer than that. Even if you choose not to get there early, it’s still time consuming so we thought we'd share our own tips for attending these events!

Leave the Dog at Home –

These shows are loud and there are plenty of people walking in and out of the crowd. The loud noises and over stimulation could be a problem for Rover so leave him at home and enjoy the show without having to worry about his poor ears!

Bring Playing Cards –

Most shows won’t start until dusk and you'll probably be there before the show starts so you don’t miss anything. Bring some playing cards and kill some time!

Grab a Blanket and Some Pillows!

Sit comfortably in the open and lay down on a nice comfortable blanket with a pillow to go with it. Chairs can be uncomfortable and leave you with some wicked neck cramps from looking up.

Don't Sit Too Close –

Premier blanket positioning does not necessarily mean get as close to the pyrotechnics team as you can. There is nothing worse than laying down on your blanket, looking up, and suddenly having firework residue for dinner. Most areas that are too close are marked off, but play it safe and sit somewhere that has very little chance of serving you a used fireworks buffet.

We hope you're able to find time this summer to catch a few local fireworks shows. There is no better start to a summer than getting a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Visit a local Ziebart store and you could bring in your 4th of July with a BANG… up job on interior detailing, window tint and more. Have fun and stay safe!

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