Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is here to Save the Day!

June 19, 2015

All of us have a special connection with our vehicles. Some of us treat our vehicles as if they were our own children. We spend time with them, care for them, spend money on them, and panic when something is wrong with them. We also do whatever we can to protect them and ensure their longevity; Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film offers just that.

Super Powers –
Well, how else would you describe something that is nearly invisible and has the ability to heal itself? Our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film is designed to fit your car or truck perfectly. We use our own special Z-Cutting system that is programmed to meet your vehicle's exact specifications. That precise cutting and application, coupled with the fact that our film is optically clear, makes for an almost invisible, protective, thwarter of wrongdoing. Much like a superhero.

Let's not forget about one of the most impressive qualities; self-healing. When our film absorbs the harm brought on by a potential scratch, the film takes the brunt of the damage. Remarkably, when the sun comes out and heats up our film, it has the ability to smooth out some of those scratches all by itself. Sounds eerily similar to the man from Krypton.

The First Cut is the Deepest –
Besides having that song stuck in your head now, we hope you take away something else from this article. For instance, not having to worry about those scratches showing up on your car's paint and ruining the paint job. It's possible to have peace of mind when you park at the grocery store and not have to worry about coming back to a dinged up side panel or door. It’s also possible to no longer worry about stones flying up from the car ahead of you and ruining your paint job.

Backed by an industry-leading, nationwide warranty, our film will have your car's paint job protected and looking great for years to come. Having your Hot-Rod look dinged up and scratched is for the birds (our best attempt at a Rod Stewart & Sheryl Crow pun.) Get the film that you know is going to protect your vehicle and is backed by a warranty that is going to last.

Take your vehicle into your local Ziebart store and have it protected with our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film. You'll have the toughest film in the industry working to protect your paint and ensure the longevity of your exterior. Plus, you'll get to brag to your friends about how your car has super powers now.

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