Which Type of Window Tint Should I Get?

June 04, 2015

So you made the decision to get your vehicle’s windows tinted, but you have never had the job done before. You've heard people talk about it and you've read a little about it, but you're still not exactly sure what you're getting into. Deciding between the different window tint percentages, which type of window tint to get, or even which windows to have tinted can get a little confusing. This article is designed to make sure you're well informed about window tint so that you get exactly what you want!

Know the Benefits

Window tint reduces the temperature inside your vehicle, reduces glare, helps maintain a level of privacy and offers a unique, stylish look. How, you ask? By reducing Visible Light Transmission, or VLT. Our sun carries Ultraviolet and Infrared waves to our vehicles and can turn our cars into endothermic chemistry experiments in no time. Window tint helps block those harmful UV rays by 99.9%, ultimately reducing the temperature inside the car. Not only will you be reducing the VLT, you will also be reducing what other motorists can see inside your car. If you hate it when people stare at you at red lights, get your windows tinted. Your car will look stylish and you will get to enjoy a little bit of privacy.

Know the Rules

First, it is important to know the exact maximum window tint percentage allowed in your area. Complying with rules and regulations is an obvious no-brainer and makes for less hassle. It’s not worth the trouble of having to remove your new tint and getting a lighter variation all because you weren't aware of the law. Give your local DMV a call and know your window tint limits!

It is also important to know that when we refer to window tint percentage, it is the amount of visible light let in to the vehicle, not the amount of visible light blocked. For instance, a window tint of 35% means that only 35% of UV light is entering your vehicle. The lower number percentage of tint you buy, the darker your window tint is going to be.

Keep in mind that most auto glass has a slight tint coming from the factory. You wouldn't want to inadvertently go over the limit for your area!

Know the Tints

Ziebart features three different types of window tints. Read more to find out which is best for you!

Premium Dyed Series – Our tried and true PD Series has been with us since the start.  Perfect if you want a stylish window tint that’s going to last. Available in 59%, 43%, 38%, 23%, 18%, and 5%

High-Performance Metalized Series – The HPM Series further helps reduce the temperature in your car and offers that stylish look with a sense of privacy. Available in 55%, 45%, 38%, 33%, 26%, 15%, and 5% tints.

Signal-Enabling Series – Our Ceramic or CT Series is the crème de le crème. This series offers everything. They’re stylish, reduce the heat, maintain your privacy and won’t interfere with your vehicle’s electronics. Available in 58%, 31%, 17% and 5% tints.

Keep the sun out of your vehicle this spring and summer with great looking window tints from Ziebart. Whether you're thinking about a lighter tint or darker version, make sure you know exactly what you're getting. With decades of experience, our professionals at Ziebart produce only high quality window tint applications and will make sure you're satisfied with your new tint!   

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