Rain Rain go Away: Protecting Your Car from the Spring Showers

May 20, 2015

Picture this, you're driving down the highway and the rain starts to pick up. We're talking from a light drizzle to full on cats and dogs type of transition here. Naturally, you turn your windshield wipers into overdrive and hope they can keep up with the onslaught that is this downpour. If you had taken preventative measures and had your windshield coated with Ziebart Rain Repellant, you'd be worry free right now. Heck, you wouldn't even have to turn the wipers up to max speed. Fascinating, right?

Rain or Shine

Torrential downpours don't happen every day, we know that. More often the reason for moisture on your windshield is derived from that light drizzle or kick-up from the car ahead of you. Completely understandable. However, you still reach for that switch and hope to remove that moisture. Guess what? Your windshield was never treated and now you're faced with streaks, which can lead to glare and prism effects from other car's headlights during night driving. If you're not particularly fond of staring at all the colors of the rainbow through your windshield while driving at night, repair the glare. Not only will you be able to see better at night by having rain repellant applied to your windshield, you may not even have to turn the wipers on to begin with. Our rain repellant will have those water droplets flying off your windshield like you were going through those giant dryers at an automatic car wash. It's actually pretty fun to watch!

Weathering the Storm

Do you know the typical life expectancy of your wiper blades? Take a shot at it. Did you guess 6-12 months? You would be correct! (crowd roars with jubilation) Follow up question, how old are your current wipers? If you're not sure, go outside and inspect them. Search for cuts, cracks, tears, worn rubber or even dents. If your blades are in poor condition and you just happen to be driving in a heavy storm, you could actually damage your windshield; one swipe at a time. Damages to your windshield will eventually lead to repair, but don't worry, we got that covered too.

Don't allow rain to ruin your car glass. Take the simple and effective route of having your windshield coated with rain repellant and ease your mind about driving in the rain. Inspect your wipers when you can and stay safe this spring!

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