A Month of Car Care

April 02, 2015

April is better known to auto enthusiasts across the United States as National Car Care Month (Google it). It’'s an opportunity to show your vehicle a little bit of TLC while looking out for its overall health and well-being after successfully enduring a treacherous winter.

Cars (and trucks) need to be cared for. Think of your vehicle like the human body; both are an assemblage of complicated systems and it’s your responsibility to make sure that these systems are healthy and in working order. 

If you want to look after the health of your vehicle and get the most out of National Car Care Month, check out the list of recommendations below!

Take Care of the Essentials
Make sure you cover the basics of routine car maintenance. Tasks like oil changes, checking fluid levels, tire rotations, and cleaning battery terminals are essential for your vehicle’s health. 

Go in for a Checkup 
In order to stay in good health, it’s encouraged that you visit your doctor for an annual check-up. This is also encouraged for your car. You should have a certified mechanic inspect your car or truck annually. They will be able to observe and listen to your vehicle and discover any current or potential issues before they get worse.

A Spa Day
If taking your vehicle to the mechanic is like going to the doctor’s office, then going to Ziebart is like going to the day spa. We spend quality time with your vehicle, pampering it and doing our best to prevent it from prematurely aging. 

Just like stress and tension accumulate in our lives and dull our outlook on life, grit and grime accumulate on your vehicle dulling its shine. Take your vehicle in for a complete detailing. We will meticulously clean and sanitize your vehicle, restoring that new car feeling. 

Nothing ages a car more than rust. It’s unsightly, makes a perfectly good vehicle look older than it really is, and can even result in structural and joint issues. If you haven’t taken the necessary precautions to prevent your vehicle from prematurely aging, then talk to your local Ziebart about our full line of Rust Protection services.

Your vehicle is an incredibly important member of your family, it gets everybody where they need to go without asking for much in return. Don’t you think it’s time it had its own special day. This April, treat your vehicle to some TLC and celebrate National Car Care month like a true auto enthusiast.  

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