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March 12, 2015

Spring is awesome. It should easily rank in the top 10 on your list of things that are amazing! If spring was a movie, it would be Space Jam. If spring was a food it would be pizza. To put it simply, spring is incredible.

For those of us who reside in snowy states, spring is awesome because it’s the long anticipated end to the bleak, cold winter days. It’s a time for us to recover from the colder seasons and venture forth. The fair weather and longer days provide us with the opportunity to get our ducks in a row and get work done!

Getting everything else in your life in order after a long winter is time consuming enough, leave the automotive spring cleaning to your partners at Ziebart; we’re the spring cleaning experts!

Interior Detailing:
Close your eyes and visualize that moment when you first sat in your vehicle at the dealership. Remember how immaculate every surface was? Do you remember how that freshness, for some reason, gave you an indescribable sense of peace?

Now think about the current state of your vehicle’s interior (especially if you’re from a snowy region). Spill and dirt stains can probably be found on your carpet and who knows what that gunk inside your cup holders is… Life has a funny way of catching up with the inside of your vehicle. Face it, your vehicle’s interior has seen better days.

The detailing experts at Ziebart have a special power: we’re masters at recreating that blissful peace that only driving inside of a clean car can create. We meticulously clean and sanitize every nook and cranny inside your vehicle and bring back that “new car” feeling. An interior detailing at Ziebart will not only leave your vehicle’s inner surfaces sanitized and refreshed, you’ll feel like you’re driving your vehicle for the first time all over again.

Exterior Detailing:
Of all the things in your life that need a healthy dose of spring cleaning, perhaps nothing needs it more than the outside of your vehicle. It sees so much use and abuse from the daily grind of your commute, yet it usually receives the least amount of TLC. You take pride in your appearance and put your best foot forward every day, shouldn’t your car? Don’t live with a dirty vehicle.

Early spring is arguably one of the most critical times to clean your car or truck’s exterior. If you live in a region that uses road salt, this makes it’s doubly important. By the time spring rolls along, your vehicle’s undercarriage (if not properly protected) will be saturated in a corrosive cocktail of road grime, moisture, and road salt. Every beautiful curvature of your vehicle’s once sparkly paint is caked with layers of road dust and powdered rock salt, weathering the clear coat and dulling its shine.

Our detailing experts have a time tested proven process for erasing winter’s mark on your vehicle and bringing out the highest shine possible. We get up close and personal with your vehicle scouring every square inch and making sure it passes inspection. When you get your vehicle back after a Ziebart exterior detailing, you won’t believe your eyes.

Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection:
Do you wax and polish your vehicle every 3-4 months as recommended? Be honest. We all know that to waxing and polishing is the best way to maintain your vehicles paint, but who has the time? We understand that life gets in the way and finding the time to wax and polish is difficult. That’s why we offer Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection, the toughest paint protection on the planet!

The Diamond Gloss® process just a typical wash and wax job. Our techs will deep clean and polish all of your vehicles painted surfaces. Only after your car's paint is looking its best do we apply the incredibly tough, resin-based Diamond Gloss® to lock in that shine.

To understand how it works, check out this video:

Diamond Gloss

This spring, get more work done. Trust your vehicle to the car care and spring cleaning experts at Ziebart. Contact your local store today!

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