Don’t let that chip get stale, repair your glass with Ziebart ASAP!

March 05, 2015

Scenario: It’s a peaceful and quiet morning. You’re driving along on the freeway relaxed; you’re actually enjoying your daily commute! Suddenly – CRACK, the tires from the car in front of you catch a stone and rocket it at your windshield. You’re startled, (an expletive may or may not have been spoken, no judgment) but you finish your drive, hands shaking and adrenaline pumping. You pull into work thankful that, despite how nasty it sounded, the only damage done was just a small chip on your windshield.

If you operate a vehicle, you will eventually experience a scenario similar to this. The risk of this increases significantly in the spring when loose gravel and sediment from plow trucks and street sweepers works its way back onto the road. Quite simply: If you share the road with other drivers, you also share road debris. Luckily your windshield is like your own personal bodyguard, willing to protect you from taking that stone to the face.

Let’s go back to that morning drive. After pulling into work and realizing that the only visible damage is a minor chip, you might be tempted to forget the experience and put the chip out of your mind. It’s imperative that you don’t give into temptation. Even though it seems like a small issue, if that chip is not addressed immediately it can turn into a serious (and costly) replacement in no time. All it takes is a slight road bump or a change in temperature and that tiny chip will turn into an expensive and dangerous crack. When your windshield cracks the structural integrity is compromised and becomes a serious safety hazard. You will have to replace your windshield ASAP!

Don’t panic. Despite the chip needing to be repaired by a professional, Windshield Chip Repair is a permanent, easy, and cost effective fix. 

Our technicians use specialized tools design to isolate and inject the chip with a clear resin that will fill and permanently bond to damaged area, preventing it from spreading further. Our process ensures that the windshield meets all OEM safety standards.

Ziebart even works with your insurance company to repair the chip before a crack emerges, since most insurance companies waive the deductible and pay for the cost of repair on a chipped windshield. This means that our glass repair experts can move quickly to fix the damage at little to no cost to you.

If your windshield took one for the team and needs repair, act quickly and contact your local Ziebart to schedule a windshield chip repair before it gets worse!

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