What’s Up With Ziebart’s Yearly Rust Maintenance?

February 19, 2015

When Kurt Ziebart created his revolutionary rust protection process back in 1959, he did something much greater than discovering a way to combat automotive corrosion, he gave car owners the opportunity to get the most life out of their vehicles.

You see, nature is waging a constant corrosion war on your vehicle. Nature wants to revert the manmade steel surfaces back to their natural, rusty, iron-ore form.  Because of this constant war being waged on the metal surfaces, car owners are often surprised to find out that rust protection treatment isn’t a “one and done” process. It is imperative that cars and trucks that have undergone Ziebart Rust Protection come in for annual maintenance inspections.

Since we get so many questions about these maintenance inspections, we want to take some time and explain why these appointments are so crucial.

Your ally in nature’s corrosion war
In order to put up a good fight against rust, you need to have an ally in this corrosion war. Ziebart is your ally. Think of Ziebart Rust Protection as a barrier strategically placed at the most vulnerable areas of your automotive fortress and think of our technicians as the watchmen on the wall.

Where the war is waged and how we fight
In the corrosion war there are two rust battlegrounds: inside and outside. A properly maintained paintjob on a vehicle is how you prevent spots of surface rust from happening. The best way to maintain your vehicle’s paint is with Ziebart Diamond Gloss® and Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film. These paint protection products are the best methods available to protect your paint from getting damaged.

Some outside surfaces, like the underbody of your vehicle, don’t have a durable paint coating to help fight corrosion. This makes undercoating incredibly important. Underneath your vehicle, bare metal is constantly exposed to the harsh elements. Without a protective barrier, the underbody of your vehicle becomes the perfect place for rust to establish its home base. Genuine Ziebart Undercoating provides a seamless barrier, preventing rust from gaining a foothold.

Exterior surface rust is only half the battle. Rust largely forms on the untreated surfaces on the inside of your doors and other body panels. These hidden areas and seams often times trap moisture, allowing rust to chew away from the inside out. With Genuine Ziebart Rust Protection we will access these hidden areas, coat them thoroughly using specialized tools, and plug the access ports. In a nutshell, we coat the bare metal and lock moisture out.

Watchmen inspecting, assessing and repairing the damage
Since nature doesn’t rest in the corrosion war on your vehicle, you need a battle buddy who is constantly looking out for you. This is what Ziebart technicians and annual inspections are all about. Our technicians are the watchmen on the wall, the boots on the ground.

We wash off the road grime from your entire vehicle (especially underneath) so we have a clean field to inspect. We will then scour every square inch of your vehicle’s exterior surface looking for /sitemap.xmlof surface rust or potential surface rust areas caused by paint damage and will let you know how to best repair these areas.

Once the inspection is complete, we check the barriers and refortify. We will look for chips and weaknesses that have compromised the coatings and sealants. We then reapply our coatings where needed. This process ensures that your rust barriers are always at their strongest and that you constantly have the upper hand in the fight against rust.

Annual rust maintenance inspections are not only important for maintaining the integrity of Ziebart’s industry leading, comprehensive rust protection warranty, they are also critical for the long-term well-being of your vehicle. Be victorious in the great rust war. Schedule your annual inspection today!

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