Go From Restless To Ready: Fighting Cabin Fever with Ziebart

February 06, 2015

February can be a rough month for people in snowy climates. We often find ourselves trapped inside doing our best to stay warm and dry, while simultaneously trying to forget about the foot of snow and sub-zero temperatures waiting for us outside. What makes it worse is that if you’re a car person, you love to drive. Nothing beats a relaxing spring/summer drive and those therapeutic drives are (at best) a month or two away. The struggle to fight off the restlessness of cabin fever is real!

One of the best ways drivers can fight off cabin fever is by having distractions to occupy their time and keep their mind and body busy. If you can’t wait for winter to end and the concrete cruising season to begin, use this time to prepare yourself so that you can hit the open road, ready for spring.

Get In Touch With Your Vehicle
Get out into the garage and take some time to look over and inspect your vehicle. Keep a notepad handy so that you can take notes of any noises, lurches or cosmetic marks that are bothering you.

Do some research and so that you can get a mental scope of what needs to be done to your vehicle.

Make a To-Do List
Now that you have a better idea of what needs to be done, plan it out. Make a checkable to-do list of everything that needs to be done to your vehicle once the snow clears out.

This list should include the bigger scheduled maintenance items like oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, etc. It should also include things that might slip your mind or that you always mean to do but somehow never have time for. A great example is a complete detailing. Once the warmer weather hits, it’s really easy to get distracted and forget about all of the salt that has seeped into your vehicle’s nooks and crannies. A professional detailing will keep your vehicle looking great and help fight preventable corrosion.

Be sure to include a few fun things that you've always wanted to do as well. Maybe you've always wanted to tint your windows, or accessorize your car a little bit. Your list should be functional, but you can’t spell functional without a little “fun”.

Research Some Road Trips
Hit up Google and look for some beautiful scenic drives or top cruising destinations in your area. We’re not saying that spontaneous drives aren't enjoyable, but a well-planned road trip can help take the stress out of figuring out what you should do and lets you simply relax and enjoy the drive.

Organize Your Space
Maybe you’re a DIY repair and maintenance person. Repairs and maintenance take up enough time as it is, don’t waste the precious warm driving weather on work space cleaning and organizing, make the most of these “shut-in” winter months. Put on some layers, crank up the space heater and get to organize your tools and work space.

If your work space has a lot of hanging hazardous tools or heavy foot traffic, we recommend an application of our optically clear Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film to your protect your paint without sacrificing the beauty of your vehicle’s natural lines.

Don’t give into the restlessness of these long, cold, winter days. Fight back against cabin fever: keep yourself occupied by getting ready for a long spring and summer full of relaxing drives. If you’re interested in getting your spring detailing on the calendar, call your local Ziebart today!

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