Will Ziebart Rust Protection and Undercoating Void My Truck’s Warranty?

January 15, 2015

Congratulations! You pulled the trigger and invested in a new truck. You spent countless hours researching different makes, models, specs, and prices. You scrimped and saved for months for your down payment and got your financing squared away. You even experienced that glorious first drive home from the dealership inside your new baby where you pulled into your garage and actually contemplated sleeping inside the cabin overnight (good call on not doing that by the way).

Here’s the big question: Now what?

You’ve just made one of the biggest investments of your life, and so you want to get the most life out of it. But, because it’s a new truck, you’re also concerned about sticking to the manufacturer’s warranty conditions and are trying to figure out what you can and can’t do to protect your ride.

The Big Question
We hear it every day in our stores and we see it asked all the time online: Will Ziebart Rust Protection and Undercoating void my truck’s manufacturer’s warranty?

The Short Answer
We are unaware of any auto manufacturers that specifically calls out rust protection or undercoating as a reason to void a vehicle’s warranty (we even work with numerous new car dealerships who sell our products for the brand new vehicles they sell).  Let’s take it a step further and assume the worst, the manufacturer decides to void the corrosion warranty, Ziebart has the best corrosion warranty available. Our corrosion warranty is much more comprehensive and longer than any OEM warranty.

How Do Manufacturers Prevent Rust?
Modern vehicle bodies are constructed out of galvanized steel, which is admittedly less prone to rust than conventional steel.  However, this galvanization is damaged by heat, so the thousands of spot-welds on a typical vehicle are still very susceptible to corrosion.

Some manufacturers have also started to “dip” the frames in a temporary wax coating. However, this wax coating typically only lasts for about a year and is, by no stretch of the imagination, a long term corrosion deterrent.

What’s the Manufacturer’s Rust Warranty?
Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  However, a typical OEM anti-corrosion warranty lasts about five years. When you check the fine print, you will find that most of their warranties expressly exclude coverage for rust caused by road salt or other chemicals (the leading rust culprits).

How Does Ziebart Prevent Rust?
Our certified techs will use the latest computerized vehicle specifications to analyze where your vehicle is prone to rust.  Using specialized tools and equipment unavailable in most “conventional garages”, they will apply genuine Ziebart sealants to these vulnerable areas, hidden spots and critical seams.

What’s Ziebart’s Rust Warranty?
Ziebart warranties our Rust Protection services on new, personal-use vehicles for 10 years (That’s five years past the typical OEM warranty)!  We also have warranties for used and commercial vehicles.

Can you do it yourself with off the counter products?
We know that there are over-the-counter sealants that claim to protect against rust. But, nobody has been doing this longer, and (as GI Joe can attest) knowing is half the battle. You need to have an intimate understanding of where your vehicle is prone to rusting, and have specialized tools to reach these areas. Your typical aerosol can from your local auto parts store isn’t going to cut it.

Should you do it yourself?
We don’t doubt your mechanical prowess. We understand that there is something cathartic about wrenching on your own truck.

We also understand that there are some things you should do yourself, like packing your own parachute and changing a flat tire. However, there are other things best left to trained professionals armed with proper tools and knowledge; things like root canals, knee replacement surgeries, and rust protection.

Properly applied, quality rust protection and undercoating requires an intimate understanding of metallurgy and corrosion properties, an arsenal of specialty tools designed to intricately and efficiently reach every vulnerable area on your vehicle. Finally, most people don’t have garages designed to safely apply rust protection sealants and ventilate overpowering fumes.

How will protecting it yourself affect your warranty?
As stated earlier, we don’t believe that applying a coating in and of itself will void a warranty.  However, keep in mind that there are certain parts of the vehicle (Sensors, electronics, etc.) that may be damaged if they are sprayed. Any damage caused by the do-it-yourself application process would not be covered under warranty.

Hopefully this has helped provide some clarity about manufacturer’s rust warranties and what is the best option for you. Our level of craftsmanship, and proprietary chemicals are time tested and unrivaled. Additionally, we have one of the most comprehensive rust warranties out there that will far outlast the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re interested in protecting your new truck from rust and keeping it looking great for years to come, then contact your local Ziebart today!

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