Start Your Day Right: Commute In Comfort

December 04, 2014

If we’re being honest, as beautiful as it may be, there are some absolutely dreadful parts to winter. Mainly how stinking cold the mornings are.

Mornings are important; they set the tone for the rest of your day and nothing can throw off your morning quite like the shock of stepping outside into arctic temperatures.

In an effort to ensure you tackle your morning commute like a champ, we have compiled a short list of simple steps you can take to combat winter cold.

Plan your outfit and dress appropriately
The 5 P’s state that proper planning prevents poor performance. Bearing that in mind, do everything you can do the night before to prepare for the cold morning. Watch the news or use your weather app and check what the morning has in store and plan your outfit accordingly.
(Pro-Tip: Make sure your gloves and hat are in your jacket pockets so you don’t forget them.)

A quality thermos and a warm beverage
A great way to combat a cold commute is by simply enjoying a warm beverage on your drive. A thermos filled with hot coffee or tea is awesome in the morning for obvious reasons: carrying it keeps your hands warm, the liquid will warm you from the inside out and the caffeine will help keep you energized and focused.

Remote Starter
While you’re waiting for your beverage to finish brewing, click the start button on your vehicle’s remote starter so that your engine has enough time to come up to temperature, heat the interior, and defrost your windows.

Don’t have a remote starter? We can fix that. Ziebart has been professionally installing remote starters for decades. We can’t tell you how many of our customers come back and tell us that their Ziebart installed remote starter was one of the smartest purchase they ever made. Stop starting your car the primitive way; join the 21st century and commute in comfort with a Ziebart installed remote starter.

Happy (and warm) Feet
A simple and often overlooked way to keep warm in the morning is by wearing proper footwear. While gloves jackets and hats are important for retaining body heat, your feet are equally as important. Your regular shoes are not nearly insulted enough to keep your feet warm. You’re going to lose body heat from your feet. Pack your “street shoes” (as your old gym teacher use to call them) in your backpack, satchel, or purse, and wear your winter boots for the drive. Your feet and rest of your body will thank you for it.

We have a long winter ahead of us, but with these simple morning routines you can make sure you have done everything you could do to start your morning off right: warm and toasty!

If you’re interested in adding a remote starter you your vehicle, contact your local Ziebart today!

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