Undoing Halloween Tricks with Ziebart Treats!

October 30, 2014

It’s Halloween time! Your local car care experts at Ziebart would like to wish you a spooky and safe Halloween weekend!

It’s no secret that Halloween can bring out the mischievous side in people. Hopefully you’ve invested in some good candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters or else your vehicle could find itself in the crosshairs of these young pranksters.

If your local grocery store was cleared out of the good candy, leaving you with only circus peanuts or candy corn, then you may want to invest in some Ziebart treats for your vehicle to counter the wrath of sugar crazed trick-or-treaters.

Undoing Halloween Tricks with Ziebart Treats!

Be Free of TP
TP, better known as toilet paper is a classic and relatively harmless prank. If your vehicle falls victim to bathroom tissue mummification, then we recommend bringing it by Ziebart for an exterior detailing.

Our technicians will meticulously scour every surface of your vehicle’s exterior, undoing any trace of Halloween trickery and making your vehicle look as beautiful as the day it drove off the lot!

Restored Shine
It’s common knowledge that some prank items like aerosol string (commonly known as Silly String) and even egg yolks can dull the shine on your vehicle’s paint if left on too long. If your car falls victim to any of these compounds, then we recommend cleaning it off immediately and bringing it straight to Ziebart ASAP. We are the shine experts, our exclusive Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection treatment might be just the thing you need to restore your vehicle’s shine.

Our technicians will perform an intensive deep cleaning and polish your vehicle's paint bringing it to its maximum shine and then lock in that shine with an application of Diamond Gloss®, the toughest paint protection on the planet!

A Shield from Eggs
Egging, the quintessential Halloween prank. Eggs hurled at your vehicle may seem harmless, however these pesky poultry projectiles can be damaging to your vehicle. Not only can the yolk affect the clear coat, but when the egg collides with your vehicle, the eggshell can leave minor scratches. We recommend being proactive and having Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film applied to prevent damage from egging.

Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is a nearly invisible, sacrificial barrier that is applied to your vehicle (similar to a cellphone screen protector) designed to keep your vehicle’s paint safe from road debris that collide with your vehicle on the highway. Z-Shield is more than up to the task of protecting your ride from the occasional egg.

If you vehicle falls victim to Halloween pranks this year, don’t panic. Bring it to the car care experts at your local Ziebart, we’ll help get it looking its best in no time!

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