Car Care Tips For The Mighty Hunter!

October 23, 2014

If you’re a hunter, the colder weather and changing leaves mean you’re probably getting ready for a productive hunting season.

As a hunter you also understand the value in keeping the tools of your craft properly maintained. Your safe is full of meticulously cleaned and well-oiled rifles, your bow is fine-tuned and waxed, your broad heads and blades are sharpened to a razor’s edge. Hunters rely on these tools to put food on the table and keep them in tip-top shape so that they won’t fail when they’re needed most.

One of the most important tools a hunter has can often be forgotten about, this tool is your truck. Think about it, you rely on this vehicle for everything from getting to your property, to grooming and maintaining the land, to getting your trophy buck back home.

The following tips are great ways for you to make sure your truck is in tip-top shape for the long season ahead.

Prep your workstation
During the hunting season, your truck bed will see a lot of use. Your truck bed will carry everything from gun cases, to bags of feed, to salt blocks, and hopefully even some meat for the freezer. One of the best things you can do to keep your truck in tip-top shape is to have a professional grade, no skid spray-on bed liner applied to your bed.

Protect your investment
Hunters know how crazy the weather can be, but we also know that we won’t let a little precipitation keep us inside. Your dedication to the hunt means that your truck will be seeing some crazy weather. Rain and snow means water and water means rust. Keep your truck from rusting out with Ziebart’s rust protection services. We are the leading experts is preventing rust damage.

Whether you’re pulling your camper to deer camp, need a little extra step to get inside your trusty pickup, or just don’t want to get into cold car after sitting in the freezing weather, Ziebart has a host of accessories to suit your needs. From trailer hitches, to tonneau covers, to remote starters, we have everything you’ll need to tackle the season.

We would like to wish all of the hunters out there a safe and productive season!

If you’re interested in getting your truck ready for deer camp (or you simply want to show us that 10 point on your way back from camp), contact your local Ziebart store today!

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