Protecting and Enhancing Your Used Car with Ziebart

September 04, 2014

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to buying a vehicle. Some people refuse to drive anything except a new car, others can't justify the cost. There are also people who simply enjoy the thrill of finding a solid, low mileage vehicle for a decent price; it feels like they’ve gamed the system. The fact is, while new cars are awesome (and they truly are), there are a lot of great used cars out there with plenty of life left in them.

While buying a used car can be a great way to save some money, it doesn’t mean it has to look or feel old; with the right amount of care, a used car can look absolutely stunning. We here at Ziebart are car people. We believe every car, new or used, deserves to look and feel its very best. We would like to let you know how you can make your used car look amazing while also extending its life.

A Fresh Start
The quickest and most gratifying way to make an older or used car feel brand new is by having it completely detailed. As the name implies, when a vehicle is detailed, every feature on the car is meticulously observed and cleaned.

With an exterior detailing, our experts will use a variety of specialized chemicals, tools, and techniques to strategically bring out the shine in your ride. We pay special attention to every hard to reach and often overlooked area including chrome, trim, wheels, tires, and glass. With a proper exterior detailing, your vehicle will look breathtaking.

Detailing isn't limited to the outside. It's especially important on the interior of a used car. Somebody else occupied this space, plain and simple. Our detailing technicians will thoroughly clean and disinfect your vehicle with anti-bacterial products that kill 99% of germs and bacteria. They will also meticulously work to remove stains, grime, and blemishes from your vehicle's interior surfaces. The end result is our customers entering into what looks and feels like a brand new vehicle.

Shine On Like A Diamond
An exterior detailing is a great way to temporarily restore your vehicle’s show room shine. However, without a tough coating, you could be spending a lot of time waxing and polishing in an attempt to make your ride look fresh off the line. This is why Diamond Gloss® is a used car’s best friend.

Diamond Gloss® is the toughest paint protection on the planet. This long lasting, resin based coating is extremely durable and will protect your vehicle’s paint from aging or oxidizing, and keep it safe from the elements like salt, road dust, and even acid rain. Before Diamond Gloss® is applied, our technicians will use a variety of specialized tools and processes to deep clean and polish your vehicle's paint to it's maximum shine and then lock in that shine with an application of Diamond Gloss®. If you want your ride turning heads, then you will want Diamond Gloss®.

Stop Rust In Its Tracks
A common school of thought is that once there is any sign of rust on your vehicle, then it’s only a matter of time before it spreads. Without taking the proper precautions, this would normally be true. However, our Rust Eliminator treatment is a game changer and is the perfect option for used cars. Ziebart Rust Eliminator reacts with rust to neutralize corrosion and changes it into a protective, rust inhibiting film, all without reducing metal thickness. If you notice a small amount of rust, don’t resign your car to the junkyard; extend its life with Ziebart Rust Eliminator.

If you’re looking to make your used car look like the day it rolled onto the show room floor, then contact your local auto care experts at Ziebart today!

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