Car Care Tips for SUVs and Crossovers

August 14, 2014

Fact: Elbow room is awesome. Who doesn't like having a little extra space? Our love for elbow room and open spaces could explain why for the first time, SUVs and Crossovers are surpassing sedan sales in the US. SUVs and Crossovers are great for transporting the family and gear, or just simply having an adventure.

If you own (or are looking to purchase) an SUV or Crossover, there are some important things you need to understand about keeping it looking its best. The Auto Care Experts at Ziebart are here to give you some tips on caring for your SUV.

A Lot of Ground to Cover
The first thing you will notice about owning an SUV or Crossover is that there is a lot of surface area, both inside and outside. This can come as a shock to many drivers, especially if you previously owned a compact car or sedan. Because of the larger surface area of an SUV or Crossover, keeping it clean and sanitary can be a laborious task. Rather than letting the size of your vehicle prevent you from properly maintaining it, take it to your local Ziebart.

We recommend having an interior detailing and exterior detailing performed on your SUV twice a year, in the spring and fall. The fall detailing will remove the summer messes from your vehicle (rain, dust, bugs, bird bombs, etc.) while also preparing it for the long winter ahead. After the harsh winter the spring detailing will remove any traces of salt and snow and will restore your ride's summer shine.

Heavy Metal
Most SUVs and Crossovers sit on beefy steel frames. This steel frame gives these vehicles their legendary ruggedness and durability. However, all this steel will mean one thing – rust.

The best way to protect your SUV or Crossover is with a genuine Ziebart Rust Protection treatment. Our exclusive rust protection formula and process is designed to optimally coat your vehicle's areas that are most susceptible to rust (frame, door panels, wheel wells, etc.), preventing rust formations and keep it looking like it's fresh off the line for years to come.

Here's another interesting unknown fact; in order to meet fuel economy standards (CAFE standards) set by the government, SUVs will often cut weight in areas like the wheel wells. This can make for an extremely noisy ride. If you would like to keep this area protected while also enjoying the benefits of a quiet and peaceful drive, consider Ziebart Sound Deadener. This is an extra thick coating of our exclusive undercoating compound designed to reduce audible road noise and vibration.

Life Off the Beaten Path
Many SUVs and Crossovers on the market are equipped with four wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). With this feature you may be more inclined to be adventurous and take your vehicle into places you normally wouldn't be able to go with a sedan. Whether it's an impromptu off road campout or blazing your own trail, life off the beaten path can be rough on a vehicle's paint.

To prevent Mother Nature from leaving her mark on your vehicle's pristine finish, we recommend all SUVs have a professionally applied layer of Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film. This self-healing paint protection film is nearly invisible and will act as a buffer between your vehicle's paint and the hazards of the outside world.

Owning an SUV is a blast. The extra space and freedom it provides are huge benefits. With a little help from your local Auto Care Experts at Ziebart, you and your SUV will be having adventures for a long time. Contact your local Ziebart today and find out how Ziebart can keep your SUV looking amazing for years to come!

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