Back To School with Ziebart

August 08, 2014

It's August and that means one thing: back to school. This can be confirmed by looking at any end cap in every major shopping center. You are probably already starting to get your kids ready for going back to school, but there is probably another member of your family that you're forgetting - the family vehicle. Once the kids go back to school, the family vehicle will be seeing a lot of use.

A day in the life of your vehicle may look a little something like this:

Morning: Groggy eyed kids sit in the back eating a quick breakfast on their way to school.

Afternoon: A rush of little ones, covered in the germs of their classmates, pile into that backseat.

Mid Afternoon: The trunk is loaded with sports equipment while the kids pile in the back for practice.

Evening: The sticky, sweaty, smelly tikes nod off in the back as they head home.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Your car will do this day in and day out without a single complaint.

Before your family vehicle has to end its summer vacation, consider treating it to a day at Ziebart to get prepared for the long school year ahead.

Start Fresh
There’s nothing better than starting your morning off to a clean and organized space. This is especially true with your vehicle; getting into a pristine vehicle free of crumbs, dirt, and dust is simply a magical feeling. However, without the proper tools, cleaning the interior of vehicle can be a frustrating task (assuming you can find the time).

Start your early morning drop-off right with an interior detailing from Ziebart. Our detailing experts have specialized tools and solutions designed to give your vehicle’s interior an unrivaled cleaning experience.

Give Germs Detention
People with children know that schools are essentially germ factories. It never fails that as soon as your kids go back to school, it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts getting sick. Rather than tracking home the germs and bacteria of an entire class, stop them in your car.

Ziebart Germ Defender® powered by BioShield 75® is an antimicrobial surface protectant that kills germs and bacteria right on contact for up to 90 days. Keep your loved ones and yourself healthy this year with Ziebart Germ Defender®.

Advanced Film Studies
Sports and automotive paint do not mix well. From the zippers on equipment bags brushing against your doors, to coolers and folding chairs sliding over your rear bumper as you load the car, to your child propping their foot on your front bumper to tie their cleat, your vehicle’s paint could be expecting some battle scars.

You can prevent these painful paint chips and scratches with an application of Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film. Z-Shield® is a nearly invisible film buffer between your vehicle’s paint and the hazards of the world around it. Z-Shield will never peel, yellow or crack and will keep your vehicle’s paint looking brand new.

The Relaxing Sound of Silence
After a long day filled with science labs, chapter books, math problems, soccer balls, and lots and lots of driving, a peaceful evening drive home would be a welcomed treat for everyone… if it wasn’t for the road noise.

Enter Ziebart Sound Deadener. Our Sound Deadener is an insulated layer of protection applied under your vehicle to help reduce road noise and vibration which originates from your tires coming into the contact with the pavement. As an added benefit, Sound Deadener also protects your vehicle's underbody from moisture, dirt, grime, and salt, which all leads to rust.

If you’re looking to get that long overlooked member of your family ready for the back to school season, contact your local Ziebart store today!

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