Why Window Tint?

June 19, 2014

It's common for many drivers to associate automotive window tinting with tricked out race cars or young drivers looking to add some style to their ride. While tinted windows are a great way of adding an extra ounce of character to your car or truck, there are also other added benefits to a professional window tint.

If you're on the fence about window tint, consider these added benefits.

  • Rays Banned

    It's a scientific fact that prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer. Another interesting item to consider is that, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a study shows that the amount of time someone spends in their car can increase their risk of skin cancer. The reason for this is because car windows do a poor job of blocking UVA Rays which penetrate deep layers of skin.

    A Ziebart Window Tint is a great way to protect yourself and your passengers from prolonged exposure to UV Rays. All of Ziebart's window tint film will block out over 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

  • Glare Be Gone

    The warm summer weather means that many of us will be more inclined to take leisurely summer drives. However, we've all experienced that uncomfortable moment where the sun rests in that one annoying spot in the corner of your eye, impairing your vision and making the drive a whole lot less pleasant.

    This situation is easily prevented with a window tint. Our high performance CT Window Tint offers superior glare reduction and also won't disrupt your radio signals. This means a more comfortable and safe summer drive filled with relaxation and crystal clear music!

  • Keeping a Cool Head

    One of the worst parts about driving in the summer is the oven-like rush of heat that washes over you when you open your car doors. This is usually followed by impatiently sitting in the sweltering heat while your AC works overtime to cool things down.

    Window tint will help reduce this uncomfortable experience during the hot summer months. Ziebart's HPM (High Performance Metallized) window tint does an outstanding job at rejecting heat, so your car will be considerably cooler when you enter it.

  • Security

    Warmer weather also means that many of us will be transporting valuable cargo in our vehicles. From the casual backpack with a laptop left in the backseat, to carpenters driving their tools to the job site, to musicians hauling gear to a performance, the security of your possessions is most likely a big concern for you. No matter how quick it is left unattended, we are all uncomfortable with leaving valuable items in our vehicles.

    Window tint is a great way to deter tempted individuals from seeing the valuable possessions inside your vehicle. Our PD (Premium Dyed) window tint is an affordable security solution that looks great on any vehicle.

Whatever your window tinting needs are, a quality tint job is most critical. A Ziebart window tint is precisely cut using our computerized Z-Cutting System®, and our highly trained technicians meticulously apply the film for a perfect look. Finally, our window tint is backed by an industry leading warranty.

If you're considering window tint for your car or truck, contact your local Ziebart store today!

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