Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film: Everything you need to know

May 08, 2014

Have you ever noticed the little chips and scratches on the front of your car or truck, right above the grill? These paint chips and scratches are most commonly found on the forward facing surfaces of your vehicle and are caused from road debris colliding with your vehicle at high speeds on the freeway.

Historically, drivers would protect their vehicles from these paint chips with a car bra. Unfortunately, those old black vinyl car bras were unsightly and covered up the attractive lines that vehicle designers worked so hard to create.

Since we here at Ziebart eat sleep and breath automotive appearance protection, we designed a new product from the ground up, to help protect your baby from these paint chips. We are proud to introduce our Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film.

  • What:

    Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is the thickest, toughest, clearest and smoothest paint protection film in the industry and is backed by the best warranty out there.
  • How:

    Our exclusive Z-Cutting System® precisely cuts the Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film to your vehicle's exact dimensions to ensure an optimal fit. Our trained technicians will then apply the precision cut film to your vehicle.
  • Where:

    Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is applied to your vehicle's forward facing surfaces where the paint will see a high level of abrasion or abuse. These areas include (but are not limited to) your bumper, hood, door panels, rear-view mirrors, and the roof. We can also apply it to areas that are not forward facing but see wear and tear (side doors, rocker panels, door cups, rear bumpers, etc.).
  • Why:

    We understand that a vehicle is the second biggest investment that most people will make. We want to make sure that your car or truck looks as pristine as the day it rolled off the lot. The film is designed to act as an invisible sacrificial layer that takes the abuse, rather than your paint. Think of it like a cellphone screen protector, just on a very large scale.

If you want to avoid the sting you feel from that first, inevitable paint chip, contact your local Ziebart store and learn more about how Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film can keep your vehicle looking new!

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