National Car Care Month with Ziebart

April 08, 2014

Now that we are well into April, many people will be getting ready to cross items off of their to-do lists and improve the appearance of their homes. However, what people often fail to remember is that their vehicle bore the brunt of this nasty winter. A car or truck is often the second biggest investment for people, yet that investment often gets mistakenly overlooked for spring cleaning.

Since April is National Car Care Month, we have identified three ways that Ziebart can take care of your vehicle and make it look its best!

  • Remove the Salt:

    Record setting levels of salt were poured onto the roads this past winter. This means that your car has been exposed to ridiculously high levels of salt. Having your vehicle's exterior detailed with Ziebart will ensure that the road salt will be removed before it accelerates corrosion.

  • Out with the old:

    Be honest; the inside of your car has probably seen better days. Between the road salt on your floor mats, spilled coffee in your cup holder, and a dashboard that hasn't been wiped or sanitized in who knows how long, your interior is ready for a good scrubbing. With a Ziebart interior detailing, our professional detailers will go through your vehicle's interior with a fine tooth comb and ensure that every nook and cranny is clean and sanitized.

  • Shield your car from debris:

    If you look on the side of the road, you'll probably notice there is a ton of loose debris created by plow trucks. Every particle and pebble is a potential paint chip waiting to happen. This is where our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film comes into play. Z-Shield will protect your car's paint from high speed debris that will inevitably get kicked up on your car from other drivers.

These three simple items will give you peace of mind and make your ride feel like a brand new vehicle. Be sure to talk with your local Ziebart and find out how we can help you take extra care of your car or truck during National Car Care Month!

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