What is Auto Detailing?

March 27, 2014

It’s an important question that vehicle owners might ask themselves: which option is the best for having my car looking, and feeling, as good as it deserves? While the corner car wash might try to entice you with a quick run through their machines, the truth is that your vehicle deserves better. That’s where auto detailing enters the picture. To help you make the right decision for your car or truck, Ziebart is here to help provide clarity and answer, “what is auto detailing?”

At its core, auto detailing involves an effective, in-depth cleaning of a vehicle’s interior and/or exterior. For the interior, we use specialized processes, professional grade cleaning chemicals and tools which are capable of getting into all of your vehicle’s “nooks and crannies”. The experts at Ziebart leave no stone unturned.

Auto detailing can also leave a lasting impact on your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior. Effective detailing goes beyond the standard “car wash clean”. It involves the use of special equipment designed to maximize results and help ensure that your car or truck shines bright. Car washes can leave unwanted swirls and scratches with their dirty brushes. However, Ziebart technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s paint is left looking better than ever.

The following video helps capture the various steps involved in the auto detailing process:

Ziebart also offers a variety of enhanced services, including Germ Defender, which will provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind to you and your passengers.

So what is auto detailing from Ziebart? A chance to enjoy the feeling of a brand new vehicle again… and again… and again. No matter if you had your car stored until spring or have been driving it every day, the refresh provided by our auto detailing experts will breathe new life into your vehicle. Visit any of our Ziebart locations to find out more about what detailing can do for you.

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