Spring Car Tips for a Better Commute

March 20, 2014

Warmer weather is a welcome sign for all of us who have faced a rough winter. With the prospect of driving with the windows down and not needing to start your car before your morning drive, spring is tantalizingly close. In honor of spring’s arrival, we have put together several spring car tips to help you avoid problems and enjoy having winter in the rear-view mirror.

One of the easiest spring car tips to implement immediately is cleaning. Take a trash bag with you to your car and clean out underneath your seats, in your trunk, along the door jams and anywhere else where winter’s trash may have invaded your vehicle. You can bring your car into any of our Ziebart locations to have a professional erase winter’s mark on the interior and exterior of your car as well. By getting your car clean before the warm weather comes, you can enjoy future drives that much more.

Another simple and effective spring car tip to put into effect is to establish a list of essential items to stock in your vehicle. This list should include items like engine coolant, motor oil, wiper fluid, tire plugs and pump, a simple tool kit, jumper cables, a tarp, hand sanitizer, tissues, and writing supplies (essential in the event of an accident). Be sure to keep these items in an easy to access container in your vehicle!

Whether you have had your car in storage or weathered the winter with it every day, be sure to start your spring off right and have a bumper-to-bumper assessment done on it. By taking your vehicle in for a maintenance check, you can find out what damage the winter may have brought on, as well as attend to any repairs or replacement part needs early on in the year. This includes any windshield repair you may need due to the potholes and road debris that are a mainstay of winter and spring.

While winter has its own driving challenges, spring can also make the roads unpredictable and dangerous. As April showers approach, be sure to go over these safety tips about how to handle driving in the rain and controlling your vehicle while hydroplaning. No matter how many years you have been on the road, there is always something to be gained by reviewing spring driving tips!

Though these are just a few of the various spring car care tips you can utilize, there’s no limit to the number of improvements and customizations you can make to your car or truck. For more information about what you can do for your vehicle this spring, visit a Ziebart location to speak with a car care expert today.

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