Car Mess: Cleaning Up Life's Auto Mishaps

March 13, 2014

Spills happen. From an unsecured drive-thru drink lid to your niece’s cereal snack, even with the best intentions you can find a car mess on your hands. If you are on a roadtrip, or even on your way to work, you may not have too many options for cleaning up. While you should always go to the pros (us!) for help, here are some quick tips for cleaning up in a pinch that can help limit the problem until you can get a more complete solution.

The most common car mess that you are probably facing right now is the rock-salt and winter crud covering the exterior of your vehicle. Over time, the sludge and crud can lock onto your car and look awful. Pushing yourself to regularly use a simple touchless car wash can temporarily renew your car or truck’s looks while also helping prevent immediate salt damage. As we have noted, a car wash isn’t a complete solution for avoiding rust damage but it can definitely help in the short-term to remove salt and clean up the road’s mess.

To clean up spills and stains, you should check the manufacturer's recommendations to your interior. However, there is an assortment of different methods to get a variety of stains out. The fact remains that taking action is key to limit the damage of a spill. For the best results, though, visit a Ziebart location and speak with one of our trained technicians on what cleaning options we can provide to help erase the mess.

One car mess that can be quite unforgiving is the smell left behind by food that’s been… left behind. The residual odor of old takeout or a dropped snack can quickly spoil your morning commute. Eliminating the odor in your car does not have to take forever and can be done with a little bit of effort and the right tools (or cleaning supplies in this case). If you find yourself overmatched, you can always come by one of our stores and let the pros help you fight back against an unwanted smell.

Our auto detailing options take the sting out of car messes mentioned above and more, helping your car look as great as it deserves. Ziebart specialists can help you withinterior and exterior detailing solutions, putting you back on the road with confidence in your vehicle. Spills happen and, for some, a little bit of research and ingenuity can help prevent damage. Rest easy, though, that for messes involving more than just a mild challenge, Ziebart has you covered.

*Check your owners manual for fabric and leather care tips and warnings prior to treating surfaces.

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