Remote Starters for Winter and Spring

February 25, 2014

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the morning commute can be an extremely cold start to your day. Between the cold seat, the chilly air and ice-covered windows, you're probably wishing for a solution. Instead of shopping for a new vehicle, remote starters are a fast and cost effective solution to your winter blues.

With a wide assortment of models out there, remote starters can seem difficult to navigate for the best deal with the right features. We previously highlighted remote starter information you should use when making a purchase. Three key components to look for in quality remote starters include the ability to:

  • Open your trunk and lock (and unlock) your doors
  • Locate your vehicle using the ‘horn’ feature
  • Turn your vehicle on or off from a reasonable distance

The horn feature can be very important in the winter and spring as the weather remains colder than desirable and makes for an unwelcome ‘search’ period in your grocery store or shopping center parking lot.

Remote starters aren’t just for cold, dreary days. In the spring and summer, just as you would set your vehicle’s fan to high heat to get your car or truck warmed up, you can also have it set to turn on the air conditioning. This allows for a cool and comfortable ride.

Find out more about Ziebart remote starters and which model best fits your unique needs by speaking with a knowledgeable professional at your nearest Ziebart location.

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