Spring Break Driving Tips from Ziebart

February 20, 2014

If there’s one good thing coming out of winter, it’s that vacation season is right around the corner for students and families alike. Spring Break means an opportunity to put a pause on winter and enjoy time in a place far-away, preferably warm. With airfare prices continuing to rise, driving to your destination is the next best solution and is the basis for our Spring Break driving tips when planning your escape. 

Any time that you plan on driving significant miles with your vehicle, it is important to be sure it will be able to take you where you are going (and back). Having a mechanic do a full diagnosis of your car or truck is important before any long distance trip and is perhaps the most important Spring Break driving tip to follow. Check your tires and breaks for wear and tare and get your oil changed before you jump behind the wheel for the long haul.

If you are traveling with friends, finding out who is willing to drive and for how long is something to get out of the way before the trip. This can help avoid frustration of having one driver do too much work, as well as avoiding the danger of fatigued driving.

Before taking off for your Spring Break, consider getting your car or truck protected from the worst the road has to offer. Paint protection film and Sound Deadener can help keep your vehicle looking great and lessen the noise on the open road. Window tint can also help you avoid uneven tan lines from driving, as well as kill the glare for passengers.

Finally, be sure to make extra copies of your car or truck’s key. By having more than one in your party, you can avoid an “oops” moment that would put a halt on your trip.

These are just a few Spring Break driving tips that you might come across while preparing for your journey. We hope that they help you enjoy your escape out on the open road. Have a great Spring Break and be sure to get your car or truck’s interior detailed after you get back to help clean up any spills or messes that may have occurred on your trip!

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