Road Salt: Why Car Washes Aren't Enough

February 18, 2014

2014 has been a winter for the record books. Between the Polar Vortex, record breaking snowfall and extreme temperatures, one thing is guaranteed: your car has been bombarded with road salt.

It’s a common belief with car owners that running a car through the local $5 car wash is effective in preventing road salt damage and will keep your car or truck protected. While weekly car washes are great, it doesn’t change the fact that, without taking the proper precautions, road salt damage will still occur.

A Salty Solution

It’s basic chemistry, salt dissolves in water. If you drove your vehicle over a wet road or sloshed through a puddle this winter, you have exposed your car to road salt damage. What’s worse, salt water (as opposed to rock salt) can creep into the nooks and crannies that most car washes simply can’t reach or that they would never think to clean. Luckily for you, Ziebart has been successfully combating road salt damage for over half a century with services like Exterior Detailing,Under coating, and Rust Protection.

Peppered With Salt

Getting road salt damage in your undercarriage isn’t the only winter threat on the roads. As the salt trucks come toward you in the other lane, your vehicle is vulnerable to the rock salt being thrown at extreme rates (and high speeds). Solid rock salt colliding with your vehicle at 110 mph is bound to make some scratches. Avoid road salt scratches with Ziebart Paint Protection Film.

An Inside Job

Salt doesn’t have to attack your car from the outside. Chances are, salt has been tracked into your car from your shoes, jacket, ice scraper and more. Once this road salt dissolves, gravity is going to push salt water down through your carpet and begin working its corrosive charm on your floor panels. Ziebart Interior Detailing is a great way to stop the road salt from destroying your car from the inside, as well as make your vehicle look good as new for your daily commute.

If you want to know how you can further protect your vehicle from salt damage (beyond a weekly car wash), contact your local Ziebart franchise!

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