10 Items to Get Your Car Prepared for Winter

February 10, 2014

The extreme cold weather that has hit much of the United States recently has caught plenty of businesses and people off-guard. Without preparation, many drivers found themselves stranded at home or on the road. Although you cannot prepare for every severe weather storm, we believe you can get your truck or car prepared for winter with several items set aside in your trunk.

Every well prepared car should have an ice scraper, gloves and spare windshield wiper fluid somewhere in it. Each of these items will help ensure your view is clear after a sudden.

While everyone’s parents likely told them there’s something to be said about having cat litter in your trunk due to the traction it provides, sand can be used just as well. If the storm was bad, you may not get out of a winter predicament no matter how many bags you have in there. This makes road flares, a flashlight and a small snow shovel invaluable. These items will help other drivers see you while you try to dig out, while also keeping you prepared if you find yourself stuck at night.

Just in case you are left waiting for a tow truck or friend to help you out, consider getting your car prepared for winter by throwing some granola bars or other small foods that will stay good for several months (i.e. peanuts, pretzels, etc.). While you’re waiting, you will likely enjoy a blanket and an extra pair of boots and gloves in case you need to conserve gas over time. Without knowing how long you’ll be waiting, a plugin car charger or portable external battery charger for your cell phone can keep you in touch until help arrives.

Nobody wants to think about getting stranded on the road during the winter, but a small amount of preparation can make all the difference in turning around an unfortunate situation. Take just a few minutes this weekend to get your car prepared for winter and you can drive with a little more peace of mind.

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