The North American International Auto Show & Ziebart

January 21, 2014

The 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is creating quite a buzz in Detroit. While the NAIAS highlights are coming through the newswire, there are still new items to dive into each day. A staple event for auto enthusiasts fortunate enough to visit, NAIAS represents an unveiling of new thoughts and ideas about the future in cars and trucks and is a unique celebration of creativity that reflects how great vehicles have become (and will be).

Some of the 2014 NAIAS highlights include:

Grand Introductions

NAIAS is more than just showing off future cars – it’s also about debuts. The 2014 auto show featured 50 vehicle introductions, bringing a significant amount of focus to the Motor City. Drawing thousands of journalists, this attention is great for the auto industry in the U.S., as well as allowing additional focus on unique innovations to be noticed from American manufacturers (like the Ford F150’s new aluminum body and GM’s best in class wins).

The NAIAS is a great learning experience for our team. Ziebart is granted early access to the vehicles during the industry preview days. Our team spends the entire time meticulously examining every vehicle and identifying how Ziebart can best protect each one.

Breakthrough Technology

Whether it is improved in-car audio or advanced transmissions, exciting new technology is being debuted at NAIAS. The show’s format allows for the innovators of these incredible advances to speak about these NAIAS highlights and the importance these improvements have in raising the bar within the auto industry.

Practical Fixes to Everyday Problems

An idea relevant to auto interiors at NAIAS is a new seat material aimed at avoiding life’s troubles. The new material is designed to prevent liquid spills from becoming future stains or smells. These seats will be a must-have for families with young kids (or clumsy adults). Until all seats can prevent a spill from becoming a problem, Ziebart has you covered with interior detailing solutions.

If you are interested in attending NAIAS, tickets are available via their website. If you do attend, let us know what your NAIAS highlights were!

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