Keeping a Clean Car During Winter

November 26, 2013

It is a fact; the colder months can wreak havoc on the appearance of your car. Whether you have leaves piling up in your floorboards or have seen the first signs of rock salt on your seats and mats, November through April pose an assortment of unique challenges to people looking to keep their car clean.

So how does one keep their car clean during the winter? While some take the route of putting their car away in the garage for the season, there are some weekly efforts you can take on that will prevent winter stains:

  • Having a clean car during winter requires using a carwash regularly. There is no substitute to regular exterior maintenance with soap and water as they help remove accumulated salt and debris, all while giving your car a refreshed appearance. Whether you use a self-service wash or visit a car wash (avoid bristles and rollers!) is up to personal preference; if keeping a clean car during winter is a priority, you’ll need to get some suds on your vehicle often. Be sure to clean underneath the car, also, to avoid an accumulation of salt. Just be sure that your vehicle is completely dry before you attack the roads: a wet vehicle will simply catch and collect all of the road’s salt and dirt, undoing all of your hard work.
  • Invest in quality car mats. While new vehicles often come with decent mats, look into aftermarket options. Depending on what type of car or truck you drive, there are a lot of options available. Some companies offer molded mats keyed specifically to your vehicle that can help catch all of the debris from the outside. What’s more, having mats that can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted helps avoid vacuuming or scrubbing from your To Do list.
  • Explore auto detailing for winter’s less forgiving stains. Whether it’s a coffee stain from a cold winter morning or salt stains from where child kicking the seat, there are a wide variety of stains that often emerge when the temperature drops. Our technicians have the tools to clean hard-to-reach areas in your console, seats and more, all while helping make your car look new in no time.

Keeping a clean car during winter is no easy task. Preventative measures like those above can help you in your pursuit of auto excellence and can easily be planned out ahead of time in order to keep yourself on a schedule. While looking ahead, be sure to check out our Cyber Monday Gift Certificate Special and give the gift of Ziebart this year, to the auto enthusiast in your life or yourself!

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