Remote Car Starter Information for Holiday Shopping

November 19, 2013

The change in seasons means a lot of things, including the fact that your morning commute may have gotten a bit more brisk. As the temperature drops, leaving your vehicle in the driveway may no longer be feasible, as opposed to the garage. What’s more, giving someone the gift of a warm car ready to go can be a great holiday idea. For these reasons, or for any number of others, finding quality remote car starter information may be your top priority.

In order to ensure you’re getting everything you thought, it’s important to look past the sale circular’s purported price and understand the full price. All too often, once you request additional remote car starter information from the store, you’ll find the price listed does not include a wide assortment of features you’d consider essential, but are part of an upcharge.

One significant part of the upcharge is in the capabilities of the system itself. With improved technology in today’s cars, there are new security features that must be accounted for with your starter. Hidden from many installers’ remote car starter information is clarity on whether this bypass comes with their ‘special price.’ In fact, the bypass to ensure your starter works and complies with new security systems can potential cost hundreds of dollars more. At Ziebart, this important component is included in any price we provide.

Knowing which features will be unlocked during your installation is crucial because ‘common sense’ features are often part of the significant price increase beyond the ‘ad price.’ While Ziebart believes in the philosophy of “No Upsell, No Extras, No Hidden Fees,” competitors will use the low price to get customers in the door and then charge them for such features as:

  • Additional remote transmitters.
  • Door lock and unlock.
  • Trunk release.
  • Panic button.
  • Valet mode.
  • Car locator.

These items are pretty simple expectations, but can quickly turn a claimed “$79 installed” process into hundreds of dollars, or more. By getting a full cost-breakdown of all these features when requesting remote car starter information from an installer, before you bring your car in, you can ensure you are getting everything you expect, not everything that comes at an affordable price.

Another item to look into is transmitter range. While Ziebart builds into its remote starter pricing extended transmitter range, the remote you may be looking at may only reach 800 feet. When searching for your car on a cold winter night, this additional range may make all the difference between hopping into your warm car and wandering for an additional 20 minutes pressing heavily on the ‘horn’ button.

Finally, but not least important, comes the safety features. Your remote starter should not leave you, or your car, feeling unsafe. One of the most important pieces of remote car starter information is if the set will do simple features like keep doors locked while the vehicle is running or kill the engine when the key isn’t in place and the break or accelerator are tapped. What’s more, your remote car starter should turn on the dome light when you do unlock the door for easy entry and to ensure the vehicle is empty before your drive.

Since all these items highlighted are extremely important, Ziebart avoids the line-by-line customer selection and fully optimizes every install. When you call a Ziebart location and request remote car starter information and pricing, rest assured you are receiving an optimized system, ready to help you brave the winter in comfort.

Now that you’re equipped with remote car starter information, have a look at our Cyber Monday deal taking place December 2nd to save money, and avoid stress, this holiday season.

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