May 22, 2013

Ziebart Paint Protection Film is superior to our competitors in all areas! But in the area of thickness no one comes close. Ziebart Paint Protection Film is 8 mils thick (a mil is a thousandth of an inch for those of us non-scientific types). Just for comparison sake, typical window tint film is about 1.5 mils thick. Since the purpose of paint protection film is to protect your vehicle paint against abrasion and chips, it only makes sense that the thicker the film, the greater the protection; and no one offers greater paint protection than Ziebart Paint Protection Film. 

How do we know that Ziebart Paint Protection Film offers the best protection? We proved it. Ziebart Paint Protection Film went through rigorous testing, simulating harsh weather and driving conditions to determine how well it protects automotive paint. It was subjected to an accelerated weatherometer test (yes, that’s a real test). The results, after a simulated 4.5 years of exposure were that it had no damage or discoloration. Then we subjected it to the gravelometer test (that's a real test too, Google it if you don't believe us). The results were no chipping, and it scored a 10 out of 10. We also put our competitor’s film through the same testing, and let's just say they didn't do very well and leave it at that.

Ziebart Paint Protection Film provides the best protection because it's the best film, and that's a fact.

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