May 07, 2013

Remember those cars from the ‘70s and ‘80s with those ugly leather front end bras? They were designed to protect the paint job on cars from chips and scratches due to road debris, and keep the car’s paint looking great. The only problem was in the process of keeping the paint looking great the car looked terrible thanks to this ugly black leather vehicle bra.

Ziebart now offers a new solution to this age old problem - Ziebart Paint Protection Film. Paint protection film is a protective film that is applied to your vehicle's most vulnerable painted areas to prevent debris from physically damaging your paint. Or another way to put it is it’s like the screen protector for your smart phone, only for your car. Nearly invisible to the eye, Ziebart paint protection film provides tough, clear paint protection.

For decades, automotive manufacturers have been making paints thinner to reduce costs and environmental concerns have led to less durable water based paints. These paints are easily chipped and scratched right down to the metal surface even under normal driving conditions. Without protection, these chipped areas not only look terrible, but open the door to possible surface rust. The result - your vehicle looks terrible and the resale value plummets.

Ziebart Paint Protection Film is a great way to protect your investment, keep your vehicle looking great, and provide you with piece of mind while driving.

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