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Franchise Support

Franchise Ownership FAQ's

Ziebart offers exceptional franchising support to all of our locations, providing the answers, resources and strategic assistance needed to build an effective business in your community.

Business Development Plan

One part of the franchise support our company offers is the Business Development Plan. Aimed at translating your enthusiasm and goals into a successful Ziebart franchise, this plan is designed to guide you from the process of considering your own franchise all the way through the first year of operation. Site selection, market choice, and operational setup are just a few of the components to this very important, very helpful strategic document.

Training Support and Resources

You will be scheduled for an eight-week training program tailored to teach you every facet of owning and operating your Ziebart franchise. Instructional classes include technical skills, professional sales and marketing, business management, and an in-store experience at a company owned location. You will be provided with exclusive software programs that will help you run the daily operations of your business, and help you grow a vital customer database. You will have direct contact to our entire support staff. They are here to help guide you with the day-to-day operations of your Ziebart franchise, and assist you with sales, account development, marketing, operations, and technical support.

Location Development

While Ziebart products and services are highly regarded in our industry as effective vehicle solutions, it is still critical for our franchises to be located in key service areas. Our team will work with you to determine a prime location for your Ziebart franchise through demographic and market research, as well as how to use that space to present a clean and inviting place to shop and work!

Marketing and Advertising

Building a loyal customer base is a critical part of starting your own franchise. Ziebart franchise support includes effective marketing assistance designed to increase store traffic, grow sales and help you build lasting relationships in your community. Marketing and advertising programs include web lead generation, e-mail marketing, social media, direct mailing, corporate promotions, event planning, public relations and more.

Ongoing Support

At Ziebart, we believe franchise support never ends. That is why we provide ongoing support, including training, grand opening support, dealer conferences, regional marketing meetings and more to ensure each franchise feels they have the tools they need to be a success.

For more information on getting started with your own Ziebart franchise, contact us today!