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Truck Accessories 

Ziebart Truck Accessories

Your vehicle should look and function exactly how you want it to. Ziebart offers a wide variety of truck accessories to help your vehicle meet your expectations.

Customizing your vehicle with truck accessories that match your needs makes your ride unique and functional. Ziebart offers a number of options to help you make your vehicle look and do as much as it can.


Tonneau Covers: Find the perfect truck bed cover that fits you and your lifestyle. Tonneau covers add security, protection from the elements, and customizable style to your truck. 

  • Folding – Easy as 1-2-3. Flip the cover back to get to anything you need in your truck bed. This cover is composed of folds that make for a quick in and out.
  • Rollup – Drop the tailgate, pull the cable and roll up the cover for 100% access to the bed of your truck. Locking mechanisms keep your load secured when the cover is down. With a low profile design, this cover will not reduce visibility when looking out the rear of your truck. 

Truck Caps/Toppers: Nasty weather? Keep your truck bed and cargo safe from rain and snow with a truck cap. Easily installed to fit your vehicle, the truck cap will act as a protector for your items, rain or shine. 

Step Bars: No matter what type of truck you’re driving in, we can install step bars specific to your tastes and the make of the vehicle.

  • Stainless
  • Steel
  • Round
  • Oval

Brush Guards: Trucks are quite the investment, which is why you need to take the steps to protect them. Brush Guards take protection to the next level by covering the headlights, battery, and engine to prevent damage from occurring in accidents. Accidents happen - let a brush guard protect your truck during those ‘uh-oh’ moments. 

Vent Visors: Great for those ridiculous summer days. Keep your window cracked and allow fresh air to cycle through your ride with vent visors. These custom fitted deflectors also allow for reduction in wind noise and a reduction in interior heat. 

Floor Liners: Extremely durable floor liners that are specially fit to your vehicle. Don’t let whatever you track into the vehicle depreciate its value. Protect your investment by protecting its appearance with custom floor liners. 

Truck Bed Mat/Bed Rugs: Added protection comes from this semi-soft barrier that occupies the space between your truck bed and whatever you are loading. These mats are designed specifically to match the contours of your truck bed. 

Seat Covers: Water repellent protection that guards against scratches, spills and the unsightly from settling into your driver or passenger seats. Custom fitted to fit back and front seats! 

No Drill Mud Flaps: Easy installation and completely free of any permanent damage to your vehicle, these mud flaps are custom fit to protect your vehicle’s fenders from rocks, mud, salt, road grime and whatever harm the road has to offer. 

Trailer Hitches: Perfect for those seeking adventure. With the option to choose your hitch class, your vehicle will be able to lift a variety of items ranging from boats to trailers themselves. Adventures are made easy with a trailer hitch.

  • Wiring – You’re going to need lights after getting that hitch installed. Ensuring the safety of your hitch is important, which is why professionally installed wiring for that hitch is a necessity. Take on your road trips in both style and safety with properly installed lighting.
  • 5th Wheel – Ready to carry the heaviest of the heavy. Fifth Wheel hitches have the ability to lift virtually any trailer, especially those that weigh a significant amount. 

Tool Boxes: Keep your tools and truck organized with a tool box. Whether you are on-the-go or want to have an extra set of tools with you for emergencies, this will give you the opportunity to keep everything in one place. 

Roof Racks: Great for road trips, a Roof Rack will provide you with double the amount of space when travelling. Its sturdy frame is designed to withstand a variety of items and is the perfect piece to add to your truck.  

Drop-in Bed Liners: Customized to fit the bed of your truck, a Drop-in Bed Liner purely drops into the bed, making the installation process easy and effective. Protect your truck from scratches and scuffs with this bed liner and notice its incredible durability. 

Spray-On Bed Liners: Spray-on Bed Liner follows the ‘one and done’ philosophy. By only needing to be applied once, this liner will stay intact for as long as your truck lasts, protecting and defending your bed from destruction. 

Bed Rails: The paint color of your truck is what makes your ride so aesthetically pleasing. The bed itself is what makes a truck a truck. Damage both of these elements and what do you have? A ruined ride. Protect both the bed of your truck and paint from chips and damage by installing bed rails.  

Fender Flares: Although trucks are stylish from the get-go, why stop there when it comes to maintaining its appearance? Fender Flares add a modern visual appeal to trucks all while protecting the wheel wall from rust and debris.

Tailgate Protectors: The beauty of a truck is that you can stock it with either heavy or light cargo. The possibilities may seem endless, but without a protected tailgate, the end could be far closer than you think. Shield your tailgate from dents and nicks with a Tailgate Protector and watch your truck last as long as possible.

Backup Cameras: It’s no secret that backing up a truck can be difficult. Put all those uncertainties at ease with a backup camera. Gaining a clear view of how much room you have when backing up minimizes the chance of damaging your truck and other surrounding vehicles. 

Z-Shield PPF: Completely shielding your vehicle from scratches may seem like the impossible, but we are here to prove otherwise. With Z-Shield Paint Protection Film, your ride will go from scruff to tough, leaving zero stains and fades. Leave your vehicle looking as great as the day you bought it!   

To find out more about our truck accessory options, contact your nearest Ziebart store.