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Wraps - FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a wrap and an advertising wrap?

If you’re looking for a unique way to promote your business, check out Ziebart advertising wraps. If you’re looking to change the style of your personal car, truck, boat, trailer, motorcycle, golf cart, or whatever you ride around in, check out Ziebart wraps.

What’s the benefit of having a wrap installed?

Giving your vehicle a customized look specific to your tastes is always a treat. With wraps, you are able to control how your ride looks. Whether it be a matte finish, gloss finish, carbon fiber accent, racing stripes, custom decals, or even a complete color change, Ziebart offers the highest quality wraps for your truck, car, SUV, boat, trailer, motorcycle, golf cart, or whatever you ride in! Stand out from everyone else with a personalized wrap from Ziebart!

How long does a wrap last?

There are various factors at play when trying to determine the longevity of a wrap. Factors to consider include how much attention or care is given to the wrap or how stressful the everyday driving environment is. Ziebart wraps are tough and durable and are backed by a nationwide, three-year limited warranty. 

Does the vinyl film used damage the vehicle?

No way! Similar to Z-Shield Paint Protection Film, our Advertising Wrap vinyl films are easy to remove and come with that extra bonus of preserving and protecting the covered areas of your vehicle. It helps keep your paint looking like new!


You are going to have to speak with your local Ziebart dealer about that one.

How do I design my own wrap?

Whatever you can dream, we can do! If you have a unique idea or would like to work with our team to create something great, give your local Ziebart store a call!

How do I provide care for my wrap?

Treat it like you would your vehicle’s paint. Regular washing will keep your wrap looking great! We can clean it for you if you’d like! 

What about a warranty?

Easy! Ziebart wraps come with a nationwide, three-year limited warranty that is guaranteed to keep your vehicle looking great!

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